5 Reasons Your cash app closed my account for suspicious activity

why did cash app close my account

Why Did The Cash App Close My Account? How To Recover It?

Are you wondering why your Cash App is not opening? Have you tried to log in to your Cash App account several times but all is in vain? This is because the cash app has closed your account. Now you will ask how the Cash App closed my account. But it is true that the cash app has the authority to close your account when it notices unfair things associated with your account.

In this blog, we will discuss what are the metrics on which Cash App can close your account. You definitely would not want to lose your Cash App account, right? Because a cash App is the finest online banking platform in the US. Cash App is widely popular because of the number of features it has. When you create a Cash App account, you will get a Cash App debit card.

On Cash App, you can enable Cash App Direct Deposit, and get tax refunds from the government with Cash App stimulus check and tax refund, the newly introduced tool by cash app is Cash App Borrow Money. With Cash App Borrow Money you can take small loans whenever you need them. Not only this, but you can also invest in US stocks and purchase bitcoins on Cash App. Cash app gives all these features to its customers who would like to get off from Cash App. 

Let us see the possible reasons why Cash App closed your account in the next section.

Why did the Cash App close my account?

Cash App can have many reasons to close your account. We will discuss them in this section now. The common reasons for your question, about why the cash app closed my account are:

Due to negative balance. When your Cash App account has a negative balance for a long time and you do not make any transaction to it then Cash App thinks that you are no longer interested in using your Cash App account. So it shut it down.
You are not 18 or above. Cash App does not allow underage users to operate through Cash App. if you are below 18, Cash App won’t let you login into your Cash App account.
You do not have US Citizenship. It is mandatory to be a citizen of the US to use Cash App as Cash App can only function across the US and for US citizens.
Your account is not verified properly. Cash App is a banking application so it needs to have strict rules of security for its customers. Cash App wants each user to verify their account properly as it will help the Cash App to recognize the identity of the account holder and maintain the security of other Cash App users.
Due to some glitch. Cash App does not have the world’s best software so there can be some technical errors sometimes which can lead to flagging on your Cash App account. 
Cash App account closed violation of terms of service. Sometimes we can violate or neglect Cash App terms and policies. When we go against it then your Cash App account closed violation of terms of service

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Can Cash App close my account due to violation of terms of service?

Cash App is regulated by Federal law and it has to comply with the guidelines of the government. Cash app has set certain Cash App limits to maintain safety and security like sending and receiving limit, Cash App direct deposit limit, and Cash App Card limit. If one exceeds the permissible limit frequently or if Cash App notices any suspicious activity on your account and suspects frauds or scams, Cash App can close your account. If you wish to recover your Cash App account then you can follow the steps which we have explained in the next5 sections. And in case your Cash App account does not get logged in even by following the steps properly then you can contact cash app customer service, Cash App phone number is 1 855 700 6278 .

How to access old cash app accounts? 

Now that your Cash App account is closed the only thing you can do is retrieve your account on Cash App. In this section, we will learn how to access old Cash App accounts.
There are two methods to access your Cash App account either by Phone number or by email.

How to access old Cash App accounts with email?

To get your Cash App account running up again, you ne ed to keep your registered email handy. You can not use any other email. Follow the steps given below access your old cash app account with email:

Launch the Cash App on your device.
Click on the profile icon.
Tap on Sign Out.
enter the email which was registered with the older account.
You will receive a sign-in code on your email address.
Verify the code received on the email, and the Cash App account will be logged in.

What if you forgot your registered email address? Well, there is another way out to do this as well. If you do not have an email address you can also log in to your cash app account with the phone number.

How can we access old Cash App accounts with the phone number?

Accessing your old Cash App account with a phone number does not take much of your time. It can be done with a few simple steps which we will discuss now. Follow the given steps to access your Old Cash App account with your phone number:

First, login to your Cash App account.
Click on the profile icon located on the Cash App home page.
Click on the Sign Out option.
Enter your Phone Number in the given section. Remember to enter the phone number which was registered with the older account.
A sign-in code will be received on your SMS box. Check it and enter it in the given section. 
Verify the code received on the SMS, and the Cash App account will be logged 

Have you tried all of this and still your Cash App account is not opening then we suggest you contact Cash App Customer Service.

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