Different Types of Illustration Designs That You Should Know

Illustration designs

Top influencers today support the concept that top-quality visual content is the best for building a good reputation and brand awareness. As with scores of types of content, substances obviously matter, but an excellent style is undoubtedly appreciated. A Venngage study proved this point that when it showed visual content increases people’s desire to read the whole content by 80%. 

One of the most prolific visual content you can add to your online marketing strategy is custom illustrations. Because they easily give a sense of connection to the viewers, much like photographs! Additionally, various types of illustrations convey more artistry and imagery than many stock graphics. In a nutshell, custom illustrations can do a lot more for your online marketing team than any other type of visual content. 

Today, there are a number of online services providing agencies offering top-notch illustration design services and benefitting businesses and brands to run their advertising and marketing campaigns easily. In this article, we’ll cover different types of illustration designs that you should know so that you can add the most suitable type for your online brand marketing. So, continue reading and learning.

Top Types of Illustration Designs That Can Help Your Marketing and Advertising Team

Here are some of the best types of illustration designs that you should know about being a business owner.


This style of illustration is as close to reality as possible. Regardless of the recreation of characters, landscapes, or objects, this imagery focuses a lot on representing the real world in amazing detail. Photorealism is a further monotony of realism where an illustration design reproduces the look and feel of a photograph. 

The style of an illustrator is totally based on how they distort, and recreate realism. As in realist art, the style is not much expressed in exaggeration, but in how the realistic depiction is represented in the subject matter, lighting, composition, and focus.

It is a style that is used in a number of book cover art, film plates, landscape painting, fine art, advertising, etc. The skills of realism can be applied in order to enhance other formats like photography, special effects, animations, etc.

 Freehand Digital Illustrations

In this type of illustration, we have digital media, which enables you to make the most out of a wide variety of tools for the developing process. With the help of different tablet and stylus combinations, an in-detailed digital illustration can be created.

It is quite similar to other illustration processes, but it entails almost the same features as an ancient technique. When developing an illustration, it uses a unique method. The freehand digital illustrations aid in creating smooth light and shadow transitions, which are able to develop a complex background with simple details. One of the limitations of freehand digital illustrations is that they’re in a raster format and can only be printed in certain sizes without losing their fine quality.


A caricature is an illustration type that considers the characteristic traits of a subject and distorts or exaggerates those traits with the help of pencil strokes, pen, sketching, charcoal drawing, ink drawing, or other types of drawing.

Since their birth, caricatures have been quite popular among top illustrator designers, typically used to ridicule public figures or even politicians. Nowadays, caricatures remain widely famous and are used in a number of newspapers and magazines, which means both online and in print media as a visual satire.

Vector Graphic Illustrations

As you know that vector refers to working on the coordinates of a plan. Therefore, vector graphics works entirely on the principle of various coordinates of a plan, making a path to make graphics. Furthermore, vector graphics have a unique quality; that is, they’ll not pixelate when you zoom in and can never be distorted; as a result, you never lose the originality of vector graphic illustrations.

You can make creative logos, posters, banners, illustrations, and a lot more with the help of this technique, and the best part is, it supports SVG, PNG, and many other graphics formats.

Wrapping Up

The illustration is a wide concept that has evolved in the best possible way over time in order to find out its application in diverse digital forms to address diverse needs. Suppose you’re a budding or a professional and experienced digital artist, or you’re looking to learn the scope of illustration and how it may work for you in your sphere of activity; in such case, we hope that, by now, you’ve been able to understand the basic types of illustrations.

The graphic design trends of 2023 will focus more on putting the audience first. And graphic designs have all the power as it has always been about creating a brand look distinctive. These trends can all assist you in doing that in unique ways. So, it is better to continue this trend with top types of illustration designs as it is the present and the future as well. Start making your own illustrations with the help of a creative illustration design services company like Kudos Cube and be the first to attract a potential audience for your business with beautiful illustration styles.

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