How To Write A Dissertation When You Don’t Have Enough English Language Skills?

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Are you wondering how to write a dissertation when your English language skills are not up to the mark? Don’t worry! Thousands of ESL (English Language Skills) students suffer while writing dissertations because of their weak English or poor writing skills. This article will cover three solutions to your problem and guide you on how to write a dissertation with average language skills. Let’s explore the solutions to your problem.

What Are the Ways to Write a Dissertation with Poor English Language Skills?

The following three ways can help you release all your academic stress and assist you in writing a first-class dissertation even when your English language skills are inadequate.

  1. Merge English with Your Native Language
  2. Hire a Dissertation Writing Service
  3. Be Aware of the Expectations of Your Review Committee
  4. ‘Use Cases’ Will Help You Greatly
  5. Ask for Timely Feedback

All the ways mentioned above will help you write a dissertation in the best possible way. Let’s discuss these methods in detail now.

Merge English with Your Native Language

Any bilingual speaker will frequently find themselves speaking simultaneously in both languages, stringing words together to convey meanings that may not be possible in just one language. Bilingual speakers find this form of communication is cosy and frequently successful, whether Spanglish (Spanish + English) or Konglish (Korean + English).

While it is undoubtedly impossible to write a thesis or dissertation in Spanglish, it is possible to produce drafts that include placeholder sentences or terms in your native tongue that can be changed afterwards.

Two goals are achieved in this way. It first enables you to write more quickly. It’s crucial to minimise time spent. Before an editor or proofreader can make more precise modifications, it keeps your thesis or dissertation seeming fluid and cohesive. It is significant since getting your ideas and substance on the page is the primary objective of the first draft.

Hiring a Dissertation Writing Service

Nobody can conduct your research on your behalf. Additionally, nobody should write your thesis or dissertation for you. Unfortunately, your drafts could be a little rough around the edges in terms of writing and grammar if your English language skills are weak. But it’s all right. Remember that writing your study as effectively and accurately as possible should be your major priority.

By allowing students to focus on what they do best—research and communication—dissertation writing services help graduate researchers attain the desired goal. You can get dissertation help UK to write a dissertation tailored to your needs. It will save you money, time and effort.

Be Aware of the Expectations of Your Review Committee

Get to know the expectations of your committee for your efforts. Following the feedback recommendations, determine what kind of writing your committee anticipates. Read the dissertations that the previous students have written. Ask them frequently about their expectations for your chapters and your project, including their thoughts on headings, the usage of footnotes, the layout of the chapters, and the types of sources you should use. Understanding audience expectations will help you write to them effectively, and communication is essential to avoiding potential errors.

‘Use Cases’ Will Help You Greatly

Research and communication are, without a doubt, the two most crucial abilities for being a successful graduate student and obtaining a doctoral or master’s degree. You have nothing to report if you do not do any research. You would not be able to persuade or engage anyone without effective communication abilities.

Therefore, merging these two elements should be your primary focus when you write a dissertation. The idea of use cases enters the picture at this point. Use cases are a type of learning and practice where you immediately put what you’re learning into effect to figure out what you need to learn next and what new concepts to investigate.

The advantage of case-based learning is that you can immediately start working towards accomplishing your end objective. It will help you write a dissertation in the best possible manner.

How Do You Take Benefit Of Use Cases In Dissertation Writing Process?

This technique can help you write a dissertation if you take its benefit in the following ways:

Every week, update one of your current research abstracts

It will let you concentrate on expressing your research emphasis and efforts clearly and concisely while minimising the word count. Communicating clearly and effectively with just 250–500 words requires a lot of talent.

For Every Experiment, Describe Your Research Techniques

Keep track of any adjustments you make to your processes, tools, or techniques. Consider the rationale behind your modifications and write it down. Repeatedly explain the rationale behind each change as though you were the confused reader.

Add English Figure Legends To Your Notes, Sketches, And Figures Weekly

Figures serve as supporting documentation for your research paper. Your study data and statistics will be described in your results’ section, along with what they reveal, why they are significant, and what they don’t reveal.

Even brief are the figure captions or legends. You have 1-2 sentences to describe the figures’ methodology and importance.

Organise Your Literature Citations According To The Author, Study Area, Date, Etc.

Your thesis or dissertation’s introduction and discussion sections will largely be based on the literature, references, and citations. Each citation should quickly relate to your research and support your main thesis.

Ask for Timely Feedback

Ask for feedback early and frequently. Your editing stages will go more smoothly if you can start talking to your committee about your writing as soon as possible. Discuss the chapter’s general outline with your advisor and see if it makes sense. Anyone willing to read them, send them incomplete manuscripts. It will not only keep you connected to your committee and other writers but prevent the feelings of loneliness. At the same time, you write, but it will also help you avoid having to redo entire chapters.


Following the tips and tricks mentioned in the article will help you write a dissertation and ace it even when your English language skills are below average. Act on these tips, adopt these methods, and you will find no difficulty writing your doctoral papers.

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