With the help of the Bulk SMS Service, you can send alluring offers and promotions right to the phones of your customers. Here are some ideas for fashion retailers to get started.

We rarely leave home without our smartphones, so when a text arrives, we check to see who it is from right away. As a result, SMS marketing may be the best strategy for fashion companies to reach customers wherever they are and stand out from the competition. Since 78% of Australians always read their text messages, it is unlikely that customers will ignore your messages.

Using the Bulk SMS service, you can notify your customers of impending sales and promotions, offer exclusive coupons, promote new merchandise, and much more.

What is SMS Marketing?

Sending promotional text messages to customers’ mobile devices is known as SMS marketing. You must obtain both the consent and mobile number of your customers before you can send them marketing messages.

Customers can be informed about promotions, specials, or breaking news using a bulk SMS service. Messages frequently promote momentary offers, such as flash sales or upcoming promotions.

Manually sending SMS messages to hundreds of potential customers would take some time. A time-saving function of SMS automation platforms is the ability to send messages to all of your clients at once, or through bulk SMS service.

What advantages does SMS marketing have for your company?

In case you need them, the following are some justifications for why SMS is an essential marketing tool for your clothing business:

Our cell phones are always with us. 94% of Australians always take their cell phone with them when they leave the house, and they use them for an average of three hours every day.

Thus, using a bulk SMS service to contact your customers is a trustworthy strategy. There is no trash folder for SMS. Email marketing is essential for the fashion industry, but advertisements frequently end up in spam folders. A study found that the typical email open rate was only 21.33%.

  • Bulk SMS allows you to send messages to all of your customers at once while saving time and money. The cost of automation tools is typically determined by the size of your contact list, and they are reasonably priced.
  • Customers think it’s convenient. People feel at ease browsing and making purchases on their mobile devices. If you include a link in your SMS, customers can easily check out your promotion or deal and won’t ever miss a deal.
  • The results can be tracked. Using an SMS automation solution, you can count exactly how many people have used coupons or responded to your messages. This makes figuring out your ROI easier.

What kind of SMS should you send your customers?

If you’re unsure of what messages to convey to your clients, look no further. We have compiled some of the best methods for texting with your customers.

  1. If you have unused, out-of-season merchandise, you can advertise a flash sale using bulk SMS service.
  2. To draw customers in, use phrases like “everything must go,” “prices cut,” or “last chance to buy,” and include a deadline to add pressure.
  3. Put a CTA linking to the deals at the end of your message to make the purchasing process as simple as possible.

Loyalty and Referral Programmes

Give your customers a personalised, appreciated experience by using the bulk SMS service.

You can send welcome messages via bulk SMS service to people who sign up for your loyalty programme. Then you can identify a select group of loyal customers and SMS them with special offers and discount codes. Make it abundantly clear in your communications that only VIP clients are qualified for the offer!

Another strategy to encourage more people to sign up for your loyalty programme is to provide a special discount to people who refer others. 

For example:

“You will receive $20 to use in-store when you refer a friend to our rewards programme.”

Discounts and Promotions

Inform your customers when a special promotion or end-of-season discount is about to start. You might advertise a discount or a deal on a particular line of products.

For example:

  1. “Valentine’s Day: 20% off everything in-store this weekend only.”
  2. “Buy one, get one half off on shoes and purses!”


A great way to increase your audience and your network of contacts for marketing purposes are through competitions.

Before launching the competition via SMS, you can promote it online, offline, and via bulk SMS service. If you already employ fashion influencer marketing, you might be able to persuade influencers to promote your competitors on social media. Pick a winner from all of the “text to win” entries after inviting people to do so.

An SMS for a contest might look something like this:

  1. “Enter to win a special assortment of our just-released summer clothing. Text SUMMER to 0135 to enter the giveaway.

Make sure participants understand that signing up for the competition adds them to your SMS marketing list automatically.

What SMS Marketing Strategy is the best for your Fashion Business?

These are the suggestions we have to help your clothing company use SMS marketing effectively.

1. Seek Permission from your Clients

The 2003 SPAM ACT must be followed for all bulk SMS service marketing communications sent from Australia. It’s important to keep these three requirements in mind:

  • Declare your identity: Marketing messages must make it very clear who is sending them. Either use your company name or begin with your name as the sender ID.
  • Obtain permission: It’s against the law to send SMS marketing messages to someone without getting their permission. To avoid incurring a hefty fee, obtain consent from your customers before adding them to your list.
  • Enable unsubscription for subscribers: Every email should have a link to unsubscribe.

2. Try Using Strategic Messages

For text messages, you have only 160 characters, so be brief. Start your SMS message with the most important information by using the BLUF strategy, which stands for “bottom line up front.”

You could structure your message as follows:

  • Name of the company (in the absence of a sender ID.)
  • The offeror benefits customers.
  • “All customers with the letter B in their names get flat 50% off on all purchases”
  • “Don’t wait to shop our brand-new winter collection and don’t miss our season-ending sale starting on Friday.” 

Customers will experience more pressure as a result and be more likely to reach for their wallets.

So what are you waiting for? Want your fashion business to boost? Come to us at Guni, and our experts will guide you!

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