Alibaug which is initially known as Ramnath, is a coastal town situated in Raigad district of Maharashtra. Alibaug is popular for its beaches, ancient forts and water sports. People love to travel and camp at Alibaug beach for its attractive qualities. Different people prefer various ways for traveling and enjoying Alibaug beach. So starting from the Alibaug camping beach, let’s know the different places and uniqueness for which people love to visit Alibaug.

Alibaug camping

Mostly winter season, especially from the month of October to July, is suitable for camping. Due to the presence of the cold sea breeze of Arabian sea and the calmness of the environment, people enjoy their companies. The cleanness and aesthetic look of the beach increase visitors’ enjoyment a little more. The bright Sandy beach and sequencing line of coconut trees create a plan of honeymoon trip in the mind of newly wed couple. Instead of being the availability of many hotels, lodge and guest rooms, people choose to stay in tents. This idea becomes romantic and provides a beautiful sight at night by lighting the woods and celebrating as a party with other people. Not only for the beach, but Alibaug is also known for the holy place due to the presence of goddess Shree padmakshi Renuka. Kanakeshwar temple of Lord Shiva enhances the beauty which is situated 17 km away from Alibaug.

Forts of Alibaug 

Tourists enjoy every place of Alibaug which include Kolaba fort and Khanderi fort near the beach. Tourists take boats to reach kolaba fort and see Lord Ganesh temple. Visitors enjoy Khanderi fort more due to the availability of boat riding. There are other forts like Hirakod old fort to see. These forts are very ancient and people also like to take a click with the fort and of the fort.

Beaches of Alibaug

Beauty of the Alibaug beach is the major attraction that brings tourists a lot. Nagaon beach and Akshi beach are very famous among tourists. Akshi beach is a place where people get lost in the peace of the environment. Alibaug beach is the place to see mesmerizing views of sunset and sunrise. People prefer this beach most to set tents and camp fire. Water adventures are also done here. Kihim beach is unique as it seems to be a bird watcher’s paradise. Mandwa beach is famous for its white sand. This beach is also good for tiny farming. Excluding the above-mentioned beaches, there are many other beaches that people enjoy. 

Preferable way and time

People can visit Alibaug anytime on any path. But most people preferred the winter season. As people can enjoy the weather as well as the beauty of the place. They can feel the soothing breeze of the beach and the perfect view of the place. They can also enjoy water sports also. But during summer, people may feel hot which can ruin their trip. During the rainy season, people may not enjoy water sports and beaches. Tourists can come by any route including air, water and road. Every type of vehicle is available to this beautiful spot. 

Special tips for tourists

Visitors should wear comfortable clothes by which they can work freely and enjoy themselves easily.They should eat their local foods from the stall and hotelsIf they eat foods that can’t be digested by them, then their trip may be ruined by themselves only. People should take care of their small children at the time of water sports and beach. They should keep an eye on their personal belongings. 


People can spend their time happily without any obstacles if they take care of these special tips. They must spend a weekend to enjoy the whole Alibaug. People should during monsoon or winter to enjoy the every view with the proper feel

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