El Salvador Beaches

Situated on the Pacific Coast, El Salvador’s sea shores are home to some of Central America’s best surf breaks. Be that as it may, surfers aren’t the main voyagers who partake in these extended lengths of sand. The El Salvador shoreline is spotted with towns both energetic and serene, facilities both extravagance and spending plan, and warm waters ideal for swimming as well as surfing. Regardless of your inclination, El Salvador will have an ocean side for you.

Lodgings and palm trees on El Tunco Beach

El Salvador’s El Puerto de la Libertad area incorporates the most well known El Salvador sea shores, particularly with regards to surfing. Specifically, the La Punta break is famous by surfers around the world. The surf is the greatest (think 10-foot waves!) during the wet season among May and October. Nonetheless, the dry season has more modest, more predictable circumstances, ideal for novices. La Libertad is likewise noted for its fish, praised during the yearly Gastronomic Festival.

Playa El Sunzal

Situated around La Libertad, peaceful El Salvador ocean side El Sunzal (or El Zunzal) is very striking, with dark, sparkling sands. El Sunzal’s waves range from harsh to gentle; make an inquiry or two to realize what breaks are the smartest choice for fledgling surfers.

Playa El Tunco, El Salvador

El Tunco, named for a rough distension out adrift, is another dull sand El Salvador ocean side in the La Libertad locale. During low tide, you can investigate the monstrous caverns covering the shore. The frequently serious breaks draw in numerous El Salvador surfers, while the ocean side town is a shelter for financial plan voyagers. The town has two little central avenues fixed with smoothie shops, bathing suit stores, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. For the best spot to watch the dusk, go to the outside bar at Monkey Lala, where DJs turn on the deck and barkeeps serve create mixed drinks.

Playa Costa del Sol, El Salvador

A large number of El Salvador’s extravagance explorers head to Costa del Sol, a long, straight portion of beige sand fixed with beach front estates, excursion rentals, and upscale ocean side homes. The area really incorporates three particular El Salvador sea shores: Costa del Sol, San Marcelino, and Los Blancos.

FHV6+V68, El Zonte, El Salvador

Another frequently visited La Libertad ocean side, El Zonte is well known with worldwide surfers. Since the ocean side is more separated than other El Salvador sea shores like El Tunco and El Sunzal, the waves are significantly less swarmed.

Playa El Majahual, El Salvador

The bustling town of El Majahual is a top El Salvador hiker objective. While Playa El Majahual isn’t the cleanest ocean side, its sands are immense, and there’s continuously something to do in or around the water. It’s additionally quite possibly of the most visited ocean side in El Salvador, so hope to impart this sandy strip to hordes of local people and sightseers.

Playa El Cuco, El Salvador   

Playa El Cuco is a quintessential El Salvador ocean side town. Its dim sands are fixed with merchant cabins and fish eateries, shaggy palms, and estimable surfing. On the southern tip of El Salvador, this ocean side faces the Gulf of Fonseca, which is shared by Nicaragua and Honduras.

Playa San Diego, El Salvador

South of La Libertad, Playa San Diego is one of El Salvador’s prettiest white-sand sea shores, with delicate waves that are greatly improved for swimming than surfing.

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