How to download twitter videos

In this article, we will show you how to download Twitter videos and save them to your smartphone or computer.

For iPhone and Android, you can save Twitter videos from the app to your phone by installing the app.

Social networks capture us in different ways, and one of them is through videos. Whether they are short, as on TikTok, or long, as we usually see on YouTube, there is always one or the other that we feel like downloading for some purpose. Today we will teach you how Download video from twitter in several ways, each one easier than the last. Come and check it out with us!

Download on computer

The first alternative that we want to present is through the computer, the means by which many Twitterers use the platform and prefer to download their videos. In this case we have two websites that work in the same way as each other and they are Ssstwitter or Twitter Video Download.

First, check the link in the Tweet that contains the video you want to save. However, in the case of the app, it is not directly visible, so we will check it in the following way.

1. Go to the Tweet that contains the video you want to save and select “Share Tweet in other ways”

2.copy the link video you want to download

3. Enter the website twitter video download, paste the link into the empty box and click on the orange button next to, “Download“;

4. Now, you can select among the resolutions that are provided for each video. Just select “Download Video” and choose the resolution you want;

5. Last  click “Download  button and save the video.

Download Twitter videos to your iOS phone

To download Twitter videos to the iPhone, we will use an intermediate application that is the MyMedia file manager application.

Step 1: Install the MyMedia app from the Apple Store.

Step 2: Go to Twitter, select the video to download and follow the instructions.

Step 3: Click “Copy link” to get the link to the video that you want to download.

Step 4: Open the MyMedia application, select “Browser” and then go to the website:, paste the copied link in step 3 into the box and click download.

Step 5: The website will display a savable video format for you to choose from. After selecting the format and pressing the button, the application will display the question with the choice “Download the file” and “Open”, you select “Download the file” and will see the download of the Twitter video begin.

Step 6: After the video finishes, you can go to the Media section of the application to watch the video. If you want to save the video to Camera Roll, do the following: In the Media section of the application, hold down on the video you want to save for 2 seconds, then select “Save to Camera Roll” and click OK to save. So we have completed the steps to download videos on Twitter to iOS phones.

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