Important questions to ask when a Web Development Company

Often web development projects can be a mess if you do not see more than expected costs. It is important to analyze the company where you are working so that no one can spend three months in the cold in the online world where everyone can hide behind a wonderful graphic and claim to be an expert. Broken website.

Is it connected to this company after completion?

The future of all businesses is uncertain in the competitive market. After completing the initial stage of the project, make sure you can switch to another web development company. If the company uses only in -house code, it will be difficult to find someone to continue the project. But for applications or websites based on popular systems such as Drupal or Joomla, finding other service providers can be relatively easy.

Is there an example of their web applications?

This may sound natural, but our company has been in charge of recovering the failed project because the developer or team that does not have the technology that does not need (it was a drupal work and they never used Drupal before). Of course, even if you lack portfolios, you may have technology, but you don’t want to be a laboratory rat.

Do you meet quality expectations?

Now you know that they have developed at least one or two, so ask yourself. Will it be happy if my project is like this? Again, this seems to be very obvious, but I found a web designer with more than 40 website portfolios that seemed to have been crawling since the late 1990s. Do not expect future developers to improve the project.

Do you have a search engine optimization technology?

Google evaluates websites for items such as keywords and links, as well as page load times. The development team you hired is familiar with the page that the search engine is interested in.

Do you provide low maintenance?

All web applications require continuous maintenance, especially security updates for new threats. Make sure the quotation includes thoughtful maintenance plans. You can also request a monthly report to monitor the work you are doing.

There are many theories about the value of creating web content and developing websites. But my discussion is about the importance of web content for the success of a web developer. How interested is the web developer?

Web development companies that do not emphasize web content production for their own websites are unlikely to succeed. Let’s see what the content of the web developer should look like.

Web content is not a simple text part of the website. Therefore, you need to manage the overall image, text, flash and similar applications to attract visitors’ attention.

The most important thing on the website is content. Your visitors will understand who you are and how you can help them with your service. Your content must be truly beneficial.

Develop and explain content according to the point. 

You do not need to collect any information on your website. The web page must convey the purpose of development clearly and concisely.

Your content must induce visitors’ participation and be automatically updated. Content should not be written in standard book style. Freshness of communicating posture and information is essential.

The site of the web developer should focus on the appropriate keywords and other SEO rules. Companies cannot provide content development services to others, but they must have their own content developers to develop SEO -friendly content.

Write the content for people and search engines first. The web developer has found that we are using web content to attract search engines. This is a site that loses both people and search engines.


Now you need to have enough information to benchmark some of these web development. Again, look at more than the price. Get much better results at a small cost!

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