5 Important Concept Of Educational Technology – 2023

concept of educational technology

The study concept of educational technology focuses on how to better teach and learn by studying, creating, developing, implementing, and analyzing the educational atmosphere, learning materials, students, and the learning process.

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The idea of teaching and learning through the effective technology of education commonly referred to as EduTech or EdTech enables a focused understanding of technology’s principles and workings. Many concept of educational technology can help the teaching-learning process produce the best outcomes effectively and cost-effectively.

The following educational technology concepts are essential for all teachers working in the present.

Concept Of Educational Technology:

1. Using an interactive board:

Around the world, interactive boards are being used more often in classrooms. They enable a teacher to share media, communicate with outside sources, and conduct real-time research. 

As a result, you may quickly and accurately run various programs, access instructional platforms, and provide images, videos, and other illustrative materials to your students. 

Such connection gives the lesson vitality, enables the use of cutting-edge educational apps and technology, and considerably improves the academic format.

2. Outdoor Learning:

To bring children and instructors outside, more schools are seeking solutions. The environmental education concept of educational technology is suitable for many students because we live in an age of experience-based learning. 

Students benefit from practical learning experiences and a greater, hands-on understanding of nature, which both improve their science knowledge. Outside learning is one of the best concepts in educational technology. 

Even for brief periods, teaching outside enhances student attitudes, attendance, and general health. Taking students outside for a lesson has traditionally been an option for teachers in many institutions.

3. Gamification And Online Learning:

Another concept of educational technology is gamification, which is applied using ready-made concepts and cutting-edge technology. Teachers have found that using gaming tactics and instructional games helps students study more effectively and joyfully. 

These days, teachers are going further by utilizing instructional video games, computer games, and mobile games to improve general knowledge.

Online learning and tutoring are the most effective concepts of educational technology to maintain educational processes during the global pandemic. Video conferencing is not the only method of teaching. 

Online classes can occasionally be even more interesting and productive than offline ones because of the new technologies available. Consider shared boards and media, live games, virtual tours, and a variety of other possibilities.

4. LAMP :

For students with autism and other similar conditions, communication is facilitated by Language Acquisition via Motor Planning (LAMP), which links neurological and motor learning. 

LAMP is the most effective concept of educational technology, which helps Students with low verbal skills or those who do not talk have found these ideas to be extremely beneficial. 

LAMP principles combined with technology enable a growing student population with autism to speak clearly and achieve greater academic success. From specialized PCs to educational apps, LAMP may be found in technology.

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5. Setting Up The Classroom:

Teachers should be able to set up technology in their classrooms on their own and not depend on others to do it for them. Teachers won’t learn how to control the devices in their classrooms because technology is frequently left to the faculty that visits each room. 

The ability to quickly move the room and understand how to connect everything in the room are requirements for someone who wants to use technology. They might instruct their class to follow suit, which would benefit the students’ learning.

Conclusion :

There has never been a better time to use technology to facilitate and enhance learning for individuals from all backgrounds, at all levels, and everywhere. Today, it’s crucial to be able to use technology as well as pick up new skills in educational technology. 

You gained the knowledge and abilities needed to more effectively integrate technology into your classroom thanks to this concept of educational technology. Not only does this help the students, but it also helps you as a teacher. 

Your technical abilities have improved as a result of this course. This concept enables technology to enhance communication, resource sharing, and practice so that everyone in the system is committed to assisting each other in enhancing student learning.

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