Best Dentist In Weston, FL: Pericoronitis Treatments

Are you searching for the best dentist in Weston, FLto treat pericoronitis? But what are pericoronitis and its treatment? Let’s see what our best dentist in Cooper City explains. 

What is pericoronaritis?

The infections that can appear around the third molars or wisdom teeth are pericoronitis. This infection occurs in the remains of the follicle between the crown of the included tooth, the surrounding bone and the gingival tissue. The resulting inflammation can be acute, subacute, or chronic.

Acute pericoronaritis

Acute pericoronitis usually has a variable evolution, towards spontaneous remission, under the influence of treatment, or towards subacute pericoronitis. It usually causes symptoms with spontaneous pain in the retromolar region and chewing discomfort. On intraoral examination, the mucosa will appear red and edematous, with indentations of the cusps of the opposing teeth.

Subacute pericoronaritis

The course of subacute pericoronitis may be complete regression or progression to nearby tissues. Clinically, it presents with intermittent and intense pain and usually radiates to different facial areas, such as the ear. In addition, it is generally accompanied by suppuration with reddish and inflamed gum.

Chronic pericoronaritis

Chronic pericoronitis presents with local discomfort that irradiates towards the ear area. The pain is usually dull or mild ache that lasts for a day and is spaced with remissions over several months.

Pericoronitis treatments by the best dentist in Weston, FL

The treatments that can be carried out for pericoronitis can be the following:

  • Expectant behavior

The meaning of expectant management is the control of the third molar to prevent possible complications. An essential reason for conservation is when there is doubt about the future life of the second molar, that is, that it has a great possibility of being extracted; This is how this third molar would be used later, for example, the abutment of a prosthesis. For more, call our best dentist in Cooper City. 

  • Tooth transplant

A dental transplant involves placing the germ of the third molar in the remaining alveolus of a previously extracted first or second molar. This must have a root development of approximately two-thirds of the root.

  • Removal of the mucous cap

The exeresis of the mucous cap consists of removing the mucous part that covers the third molar. Currently, this type of treatment for pericoronitis is rarely used.

  • Cauterization

Cauterization consists of placing acidic substances in the cap to relieve pain and accelerate the resolution of chronic pericoronitis. This technique is rarely used since our preferences are for administering correct antibiotic therapy, anti-inflammatory, and rinses with saline solution or with antiseptics.

  • Surgical extraction

A surgical extraction is the procedure of choice, with some exceptions. Patients whose general health is so precarious that such a procedure would not be appropriate. For elderly patients, in the presence of asymptomatic morality, this intervention would be unnecessary or inadvisable in the case of using the third molar as a prosthetic abutment. So choose the best dentist in Weston, FL. 

How to remove tartar teeth?

When dental plaque remains in the mouth for longer, without being removed, it hardens and forms what is known as tartar or dental calculus. Unlike plaque bacteria, tartar teeth cannot be cleaned with a toothbrush at home.

It is essential to know how to properly distinguish the variations between the different types of dental cleaning that exist in the dental office. The difference in applying a type of treatment is assessed through a correct clinical history of the patient, where a thorough clinical examination is carried out to properly diagnose and, therefore, offer an adapted therapeutic plan in each case.

Dental cleaning encompasses all concepts of oral hygiene. This term is used in a general way to refer to any oral hygiene treatment that the best dentist carries out by the best dentist in Weston, FL.

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