Best Pizza In Albany

Certain individuals accept that the pizza one grows up eating is the pizza wherein all others are judged. Whether that pizza is a genuine Neapolitan manifestation, the thick and chewy bar style pizza so pervasive all through Upstate New York, or something from a frozen cryovac-wrapped bundle, the pizza of our childhood is the pie that sits on a platform.

In New York’s Capital Region – those provinces that encompass our political legislative hall, Albany – a rich legacy of Italian movement and bar culture meet up to make particular styles of pizza. The vicinity to two foundations of pizza (New York City and New Haven, Connecticut) implies that the Capital Region needs to bring its A-game quite hot out of the broiler. Conveyance. Take-out. Eat in. Pizza has a piece of our souls, however these 12 pizza shops stand as the elite among the rest. Take our recommendation and attempt a cut.


Concealed in a frequently disregarded niche in Albany’s Pine Hills area, Sovrana’s is the pizza that pizza sweethearts don’t believe you should be aware of. It’s simply too great to even consider sharing, and Sovrana’s fans could more than keep this pizza at any point joint in business. However, a new yell out on public TV and crowds of hungry understudies implies that an ever increasing number of individuals are coming to cherish the thick, chewy covering that is the sign of Sovrana’s pizza. Try not to miss the eclairs, either (respectable notice to the six-foot subs). Cash as it were.

Marino’s Flying Pizza

Great pizza isn’t difficult to come by in Schenectady, a city with profound Italian roots. Anything pizza style you want, you can think that it is here. Be that as it may, nobody – nobody – does a decent white pie like Marino’s. Depending on privately made ricotta cheddar from Cappiello Dairy, the sweet, rich notes of the cheddar balance out the polished garlic and just-scorched (never frozen) broccoli to satisfy a white pizza that makes anybody to eat their vegetables.

Regarding the “flying” in the name? Indeed, it very well may be for the sheer number of pizzas that fly out the entryway, or the mixture that gets thrown above. We believe this is on the grounds that you’ll feel like you are taking off on air after a cut here.


Ask a Capital Region occupant who makes the best pizza, and something like 75% will tell you: Defazio’s. This long-lasting fourth Street pizza joint is a #1, and the line of individuals out the entryway demonstrates it. Other than that, DeFazio’s as of late guaranteed the title ever champion in a neighborhood, years-long contest.

A DeFazio’s trademark is the choices for hull. Browse conventional white, fiery red pepper, sans gluten, entire wheat, multigrain, and a progression of exceptional coverings that are refreshed on the blackboard behind the register. One thing everybody can settle on is that the assistance and staff at DeFazio’s is unrivaled in its matchless quality. Not so much as a five-star fancy foundation comes close. While you can never turn out badly with a cheddar pie here, we encourage you to attempt the house-made hotdog.

Kay’s Pizza

Great pizza need not be the honor of cityfolk. Simply request the fine inhabitants from Burden Lake, whose populace number spikes around dinnertime April through October. Arranged straightforwardly on the water’s edge is Kay’s Pizza, a lakeside desert spring that attracts supporters to the calm Rensselaer County villa. Long tables (enhanced in checkered oilcloth covers with Sharpie-scribed numbers) loan to public eating. The floors on this old bar twist and bow under the squash of individuals over many years of administration. The lager is modest, the pizza is messy (all around flawless stands of liquid dairy dribble from each cut), and individuals are benevolent. This is skillet heated pizza is its best structure. Hope to hang tight for a seat, regularly straightforwardly close to an outsider.

Slope Street Cafe

Where do every one of those broke, exhausted, and hungry political understudies go when meeting is finished? Slope Street Cafe, obviously, known as much for the political insider facts it could hold as the singular bar style pizzas it slings on the normal. You could, obviously, get a greater pizza in the event that you anticipated imparting to individual future politicos, however pizza, similar to drive, is best when held for yourself.


On the off chance that it is feasible to find a window into paradise in a strip shopping center, you’ll track down it at Caputo’s. (That is, assuming paradise is foldable and dressed with pieces of basil.) Made in the style of New York City, assuming that you are searching for a spot to get a cut, this is the joint to attempt.

9 Miles East Farm

When you were a youngster, did you at any point wish that you could develop pizza on a tree or from the nursery? Indeed, the researchers at Cornell haven’t fostered that seed yet, yet you can get pizza from a homestead. 9 Miles East Farm (suitably named for its situating beyond Saratoga Springs) runs a pizza-production adventure that makes steaming hot pies from its homestead kitchen, utilizing ranch new fixings, New York State flours, and reasonably and morally raised meats. A clever application permits you to arrange a few days ahead of time from a restricted assortment of fixings, and you could seize a few servings of mixed greens or just-picked vegetables to go with your request.


Each school area needs a strong cut shop. There are a couple of in Albany’s school quarters, however Paesan’s is the norm to which to others are held against. You could purchase an entire pie here, or request from the rundown of sandwiches or pasta claims to fame, however the thing you ought to do is pickling your liver, then, at that point, strolling (cautiously) across Madison Avenue and snatching a stall and a couple of cuts of your #1 pizza to absorb all that modest lager you recently devoured.

Try not to allow that depiction to hinder you from attempting Paesan’s at some other time. It is an incredible, fast pizza choice for families or on a mid-day break from work.

I Love NY

In the Capital Region, you’ll find numerous pizza joints with the “I Love NY” name, yet if a neighborhood alludes you to eat there, they mean only one: The fourth Street shop in Troy. Brooklyn-style floppy-hull pizza you’ll be served here, with fixings that reach from the works of art to Buffalo chicken or meatball. Two cuts and a beverage will cost you not exactly that connoisseur venti espresso you regularly start your day with, so step outside the standard and attempt a new-to-you cut.


Basically, there could be no other pizza in the Capital Region like Perecca’s pizza, which is made in a coal-terminated stove, giving the hull a carbon roast and a delightfully smoky flavor. Regardless of that, individuals run to Perecca’s for one dish specifically: Eggs in Purgatory. Two eggs are heated until just set in a searing house-made pureed tomatoes and sprinkled with Parmesan cheddar, presented with Perecca’s well known bread that has been a staple to Schenectady eats less for north of a really long period. Perecca’s gotten a clue and wedded the eggs and sauce with its fantastic covering to give you an eating experience you will always remember.

Reap and Hearth

Dainty hull, wood-terminated pizza sitting above Fish Creek – sounds very great, right? For those able to wander off Saratoga Springs’ fundamental strip and swarmed midtown, there is Harvest and Hearth, a comfortable café zeroed in on privately obtained fixings to make new servings of mixed greens and scrumptious pizza. A lot of what you’ll find on your pizza is natural, and going sans gluten is no issue here. (Without burning through every last cent.) Whether you are looking for comfort from a drawn out day at the celebrated horse racing track, or you are focusing on sooth pain-filled muscles from a day skiing in the Adirondacks, the pizza at Harvest and Hearth makes certain to help.

Red Front

The people at Red Front, in Troy, tackled that spongy covering issue with pizza for good with three little letters: COB (see-gracious honey bee), importance cheddar on base. That’s right, simply invert the request for your pizza and put thick chunks of mozzarella cheddar on top of the outside layer, then dress generously with tart sweet sauce. But, you can’t actually eat this with your hands. You will require a fork and blade for this pizza, which lies in some mediocre ground between a Chicago-style thicker style and bar style pizza that pervades the vast majority of Upstate New York.

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