DCA Course – A One-Year Diploma in Computer Applications

The DCA Course is a one-year computer-based diploma course. It teaches students fundamental, practical and technical knowledge about programming tools and applications.

Students who have completed their intermediate or 12th from a recognized board are eligible for this programme. They will learn about computer networks, the Internet and how to browse the Web, do content searches and send emails.


DCA Course is a one-year diploma program that provides students with an education in computer application. This course enables them to develop a strong knowledge of computer science and its applications, and it also provides them with skills that are highly sought-after in the IT sector.

The cost of DCA Course varies depending on the university and college. However, the average fee for a DCA course is INR 5,000 to 50,000 per annum.

In order to apply for a DCA course, candidates must have passed the 12th grade exam from a recognized school or board. They must also have a valid email address and mobile number for receiving examination materials.

The DCA course is run by Amy Porterfield, who breaks online marketing down into easy steps so that you don’t have to worry about learning every trick in the book. She also gives you access to a private Facebook group where she goes live 4 days a week to answer your questions.


A DCA course In Patna is a good option for students looking to develop their skills in computer applications. It is a one-year program that can lead to a job in a variety of fields.

Candidates interested in pursuing a DCA course must have completed high school/ 10+2 from a recognized board. They also need to choose computers as their main or elective subject after Class 10.

The eligibility requirements for DCA vary between colleges and universities, but the basic requirements are that you must pass your high school exams. Many colleges also offer financial aid to help cover the cost of the course.

You can also take a post-graduate degree after DCA to increase your chances of finding a job. DCA graduates often find work in various industries and can be employed as accountants, IT security experts, web designers, software developers, or data analysts.

Course duration

The DCA Course is a one-year diploma course that covers all the aspects of computer applications. This is a great option for students who want to start their career in the computer field.

With the emergence of technology, there is a rising demand for professionals who know how to use computers effectively. These graduates can find job opportunities in a variety of fields.

They may be employed by a company as a computer operator, a software developer or a technical writer. They may also be self-employed or work as freelancers.

The Docker Certified Associate (DCA) exam validates a candidate’s skillset with real-world questions designed by experienced Docker practitioners. This certification enables organizations to seamlessly build, share and run any application anywhere at anytime.


Software Training Institute In Patna is a short certification program that aims to provide basic computer skills in a brief span of time. It is a must-have qualification for students and professionals to get a foothold in the field of IT.

It is a one-year diploma course that covers various computer applications such as MS Office, Internet, Operating systems and HTML. It is a highly sought-after qualification for gaining employment in IT backed fields such as banking, government jobs, etc.

In the age of e-governance and e-commerce, computers are used in every sector. Therefore, a good understanding of the basics of computer operations is vital for efficient work and a better chance at job placement.

A number of government and private colleges in India offer DCA. You can enroll in the course if you have completed high school from a recognized board with at least 40% marks.

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