Durham, North Carolina’s Top 5 BBQ Restaurants

Durham, a city in North Carolina, is home to one of the major LGBTQ+ film festivals in the Southeast and has a vibrant jazz music scene with several jazz festivals and performances taking place all over the city.

Restaurants are springing up more often in the town’s core, which is great for those who are walking around hungry.

Durham, which is located in North Carolina, most certainly boasts mouthwatering barbecue. Here, we’ll discuss Durham’s top 7 barbecue restaurants.

Durham’s top BBQ joint

The Authentic Q Shack

For more than 20 years, The Original Q Shack has been serving smokin’ hot barbecue.

You’ll find some fantastic brisket, smoked chicken, and fall-off-the-bone beef ribs marinated in their proprietary dry rub here, all of which are as tender as a mother’s love.

Everything created here, including the meals, sauces, and rubs, is homemade.

Many come down here for their skilled pitmasters. Huge servings of hushpuppies go with the meat.

In-City BBQ

You should taste the award-winning beef brisket at City Barbecue.

The beef is slow-cooked for 18 hours on low fire using hickory wood by the pitmasters.

Meats that are incredibly juicy and tender and melt in your mouth are the ultimate product.

They use a unique rub on a variety of meats, including pulled pork. The rub contributes to the spiciness of your cuisine!

Blue Note Restaurant

You may enjoy your meal at The Blue Note Grill while listening to music.

To enjoy a nice drink with your friends on a hot summer day, they have a beer garden with live music and wonderful seats.

Everything is tasty and fresh, and there is a cosy dining arrangement.

Although you don’t need reservations to eat at Blue Note Grill, you should call ahead if you want a spot in the beer garden.

New England Grill

A well-known restaurant for its English-style fare is Nantucket Grill. Even if the setting may not scream barbecue, you should still sample some of their fantastic BBQ specialties.

A variety of various woods are used to sear delectable steaks, giving them a distinctive flavour, and mouthwatering grilled burgers with fresh seafood are absolutely exquisite.

By retaining a diverse menu for any occasion, they have set the bar for their rivals.

Even a specialty restaurant serving cakes and pastries has been created for the benefit of guests who enjoy having dessert after their meals.

Crappy Durham

The finest location to have breakfast in the South is at GRUB Durham. You can sense their love for offering real southern cuisine in North Carolina.

For breakfast, they provide everything you might possibly desire to eat, including soups, salads, sandwiches, eggs, etc.

In addition to breakfast, they provide some excellent BBQ. from pulled hickory nut gap pig shoulder to Maybelle’s brisket, smoked BBQ wings, and more.

Fill up on high-quality, freshly prepared meals in plenty to last you the remainder of the day!

Simply said, Hog Heaven Bar-B-Q lives up to its moniker.

Since 2004, they have received votes for best BBQ, best restaurant, best lunch spot, best American food, and numerous other accolades.

The barbecue served here consists of brisket, pork chops, barbecue chicken, and barbecue platters, which contain two different kinds of meat, two different kinds of veggies, and hushpuppies.

Backyard Bbq Pit

You should certainly check out Backyard BBQ Pit because it has been dubbed the most storied barbecue restaurant in the South.

Their smoked turkey and pork meals include hushpuppies and your choice of 2 sides.

Even brisket, chicken, ribs, and fish are available. They provide a variety of sides, including as the traditional baked beans, black-eyed peas, collard greens, sweet corn, mashed potatoes, and Brunswick stew.

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