How To Decide On The Best Golf Putter Grip

Are you trying to find the best golf putter grip? Putters are the most frequently swapped clubs in a player’s bag. So it’s no wonder that no other golf grip has developed as much as the putter grip in recent years. While traditional putter grips still prevail, many players now opt for the stability that oversized unique golf grips offer. Whether you are looking for a conventional pistol, midsize, oversize or jumbo putter grip, we offer all cool putter grips from the top manufacturers!

How do I find the right and the best golf putter grip size?

The right grip strength is essential for a simple and pain-free game. With our dimensions table, you can determine the unique golf grips size in just a few steps. Print out the measuring template, place the palm of your hand with the wrist crease against the marking and read off the grip strength using the two scales.

The best golf club grips 

Along with your golf ball and golf club, having the best golf putter grip is also a crucial component of your equipment. Various tests confirm: as a direct link to your golf club, a cool golf grip has a direct influence on your game.

Now choose unique golf grips with high slip resistance and made of high-quality material from our comparison table. Experienced golfers recommend grips made of rubber or corduroy, among other things, as these are exceptionally non-slip, even at high temperatures or in the rain.

How to find the best golf putter grip?

It would be best if you always matched your golf grips to your game and your hands. When comparing the different golf grips, you first notice the other materials. In addition to rubber handles, cord mix handles also impress with their non-slip properties. A good grip is particularly noticeable in hot temperatures or the rain. Leather handles have become rather unusual today.

In addition, special clubs such as drivers or putters often have special grips. Because for example, when putting, the best golf putter grip should not be as tight as when driving off with your driver or normal iron. Therefore, a cool putter grip has a slightly different structure and construction.

What do you need to look out for when buying the best golf putter grip?

To find the best golf putter grip for you, you should consider the following essential aspects:

  • Pay attention to a non-slip grip with a soft grip, and playing feel: Your hand must not slip on your golf grip during the shot. This would cause you to miss the blow, and if it happened more often, you would get painful blisters on your hands.
  • Rely on light golf grips: As with golf clubs, there is an increasing trend towards more lightweight grips. These are easier on the joints and less tiring.
  • The shape of golf grips: A distinction is made between round – also known as “ribbed” – and contoured grips. The latter also includes the grips, which make it easier to grip the club repeatedly due to their shaped grip “backbone”. This increases the consistency of your shots.

Buying advice for golf grips?

In addition to the material and weight, the strength of the grip is the most important purchase criterion for your golf grip. If this is too strong, for example, you limit the mobility of your wrists and can distort your punches. This also applies to grips that are too thin – balls tend to fly too high because your wrists have too much play.

There’s a simple trick to checking if a grip is the right size and fits your hands perfectly, as popular online golf grip reviews show: pick up a golf grip to test. Then wrap your fingers around the handle. If your index and middle fingers still touch the ball of your hand, the golf grip is the right size and the best golf putter grip for you!

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