Latest Update on Australia’s Covid Travel Regulations on China in 2023

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Given its recent covid travel restrictions on visitors from China, there have been questions about just how Australia will respond to global outbreaks and how it will probably target other nations coping with the advent of a new infectious variety.

The federal government’s declaration that travellers from China, Singapore, and Philippines will be required to check negative within two days of departure from Wednesday has come under criticism from experts, despite the chief medical officer of Australia advising against by the policy change of both the Covid travel restrictions.

Australia’s new pre-flight testing policy, according to the Australian Financial Review, is a part of a global initiative to pressure Beijing to be more transparent about sharing data with foreign health authorities.

Travellers from China must undergo a test within two days of departure and provide proof of a negative outcome.

Australia was ideally positioned right currently in the battle against COVID according to the government, which extends a cordial welcome to tourists from China.

There is no imminent public health risk to Australians from the resumed travel across China and Australia.

Universities, the tourist sector, as well as individuals who have been estranged from their friends and family for a long time, will all be Although Australia previously had the sub variant that seems to be fuelling the wave in China, happy to see travel from China resume.

In a setting where cases are spreading so swiftly, there are worries about the potential for the formation of a new variation. The government has declared that travellers visiting China to Australia on visitor visa subclass 600 would need to take the COVID-19 test prior to departure and provide proof of a negative result.

Key Ideas on Visitor Visa Subclass 600 

Australia is the most recent nation to demand testing of visitors from China. It comes at a time when cases in China are surging, raising concerns about the lack of knowledge about the situation there.

Prior to departure, travelers traveling from China to Australia must provide proof of a clear COVID-19 test. It’s crucial to note that a lot of nations have recently implemented various procedures, not to impose travel restrictions on citizens of China, but rather to better understand the epidemiological situation in that nation.

Given the wide range of nations that have implemented comparable measures during the past 48 to 72 hours, I doubt that Australia’s implementation of this agreement will surprise the Chinese authorities.

This visa stream enables you to go to Australia for leisure, to visit loved ones, or for reasons other than work or medical care.

  • We might allow you to remain for up to a year.
  • Visit loved ones, go on a cruise, or take a vacation.
  • This visa can be appropriate for you if you have one visa that is about to expire and wish to remain longer.

Whenever you submit and when we make a decision on your application, you must be located in Australia. The national opposition has backed the action but demanded that the medical advice that served as the basis for the choice be made public. The opposition is firmly in favour of any policies that safeguard Australians’ lives and livelihoods.


“However, despite receiving health advice on the subject, the Labour Government has yet to reveal any of it. The chief doctor will inform the opposition on this choice, but the Labour Party must be open with the people and reveal the health modelling and recommendations. For more information, you can contact Australian migration services providers. 

The UK and France would join a growing number of nations enacting stricter measures for travelers travelling from China under COVID-19

The French government advises its nationals to stay away from unnecessary trips to China. The use of masks is once again required on aircraft from China to France, according to France.

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