Mandovi River Sunset Cruise Goa


Goa is at a great location on India’s western coast, so you can witness some of the best sunset views in the world right here. Tourists from every corner of the world adore Goa’s picturesque surroundings and its endless array of tourist attractions.

Sunset Cruise

The Sunset Mondivi River Cruise will add to the experience of your Goa vacation.

River Cruise is a spectacular and must-do activity in Panaji, located 1 km from Panaji Kadamba Bus Stand.

The finest way to spend quality time with family, friends, and loved ones is on our Mandovi River cruise. It is the best means of recharging your senses and unwinding after a long day of touring.

Boat Overview

There will be an upper deck and a lower deck on the boat. You may get the most magnificent pictures of the beautiful sunset and a fantastic view of the city and river from the top deck. All people are welcome on the journey.

Even the kids are welcome. Youngsters adore these locations. Couples who want to have a special time with their loved ones like such cruises.

About Mandovi River Cruise Goa

Santa Monica Boat Jetty and Panaji Jetty on the Mandovi River in Panaji Town are the starting points for the river tours, which are located on Old Panaji Road.

Be amazed by the breathtaking views of nature and the clear, blue water as you cruise along the Mandovi River, which is flanked on each side by dense mangrove forests. Also, you may see crocodiles lazing around on the riverbanks and a large number of migrating birds in the trees.

Mandovi River Sunset Cruise Availability

Online, it’s simple to find out whether the Goa Sunset cruise is available. Several cruise companies operate in Goa, and reservations may be made from here well in advance to prevent last-minute disappointment.

Mandovi River Sunset Cruise Schedule:

  • Mandovi River Sunset Cruise: 5:30 pm – 6:00 pm
  •  Evening Goa Boat Cruise: 6:00/6:30/7:30/8:30 pm (1-hour duration)
  •  A dinner cruise departs from Santa Monica Jetty at 8:45 pm and returns at 10:45 pm
  • The Goa Tourism Department also arranges a full day (9.30 am to 4 pm) backwater cruise trip from Santa Monica.

The 6:15 p.m. journey is recommended owing to the sunset and visibility of places while being on board.

Please take note that you must arrive at the Panjim dock 30 minutes prior to the departure of your cruise.

 Mandovi River Sunset Cruise Price

The rate of a Mandovi River Sunset Cruise varies from Rs. 500 to Rs. 700 per person depending on the operator.

The cost is 649 Rupees to experience the mesmerising sunset.

One-hour sunset cruise: Rs. 300 per person

Wednesday and Saturday evening cruises are 650 rupees, which also includes supper (Rs. 300 for children between 5-12 years)

Backwater Cruise: Rs. 900 for adults and Rs. 450 for kids aged 5 to 12 (9.30 am to 4 pm)

Note: The riverboat tour does not include transportation to and from the site. In addition, the videos and images are not included in the trip package. On the deck, refreshments are offered, however, access to them requires an additional fee.

Mandovi River Cruise Highlights

  • Incredible sightseeing will make your trip memorable and unforgettable.
  • Experience the spectacular view of the sunset as you cruise along the Mandovi River.
  • While relaxing on the deck, discover Panaji’s rich culture and architecture.
  • Enjoy nonstop songs while the DJ is on the deck.
  • You’re welcomed to the dance floor once the performance is over for a group dance.
  • If you’re hungry, visit the bar and snack counter.
  • Enjoy the ancient Goan dance genre while cruising. i.e. Fugdi and Dekhni.
  • The Backwater Cruise takes you between the island of Chorao & Divar, including Dr Salim Ali’s Bird Sanctuary at Chorao Island, along the Mandovi River’s mangrove-lined banks. It is a must-do activity for bird enthusiasts.

The sunset river cruise package also includes sightseeing visits to a number of well-known Goa attractions.

  • Adil Shah Palace (The first palace built in Goa by Bijapur Sultan Adil Shah)
  • Floating Mandovi Bridge  
  • Floating Casinos Cruise
  • Aguada Fort

Safety Measures

  • On board, the cruise has qualified crew members who have been trained in ship handling and life-saving measures.
  • First-Aid kits are always on board.
  • There is safety gear including life jackets, ring buoys, rescue tubes, and fire extinguishers accessible.
  • Cruise also has operational telephone communications on board.

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