Pawna Lake camping is becoming popular as a picnic and camping spot for visitors from Pune and Mumbai. With over 50 different campgrounds to choose from, Pawna Lake is cherished as an exotic getaway for a friend’s birthday, a couple’s night out, or a family reunion. After the monsoon is considered the perfect time to visit this beauty for an overnight stay.

Pawna Lake Campground for Couples and Families

Pawna Lake has been favored by both couples and families. The campsites are not separated according to the type of public they welcome. However, disorganized campground owners will say that the campground is couples only or families only, so feel free to make reservations. Singles, couples, and families can all be found in one place.

The campsites are fairly safe. Although not all are sure. You need to be careful when booking your overnight camping holiday.

How to reach Pawna Lake Camping from Mumbai

By public transport

Take a bullet train from Mumbai to Lonavala railway station. The frequency of trains is 45 minutes. The train schedule can be found on Indian Rail’s official website.

After getting off at Lonavala train station, private taxis are waiting outside. You can rent one of these for transport to the campsite. It is about 25 km from the Lonavala train station to the campsite.

The taxi costs ₹1000 one way and seat up to 10 people. The costs are divided among the passengers. However, if you don’t want to wait, your group can hire the entire taxi for you. You can coordinate with the same taxi driver to pick you up the next day for the same price.

By private vehicle

There are several ways to reach the campsite with your vehicle.

Dudhiware khind Route

Bombay –> Lonavala (Kumar Resort) –> Bhangarwadi –> Dudhiware khind –> Pawna Lake

This route is not recommended as the road conditions around Lonavala are not so good. It’s very bumpy and there are no ghats but lots of twists and turns.

Kamshet Route

Mumbai -> Lonavala (formerly Mumbai-Pune Expressway) -> Kamshet -> Pavananagar -> Pawna Lake

The road condition on this route is suitable for a long drive.

Although the Dudhiware-Khind route is shorter, it takes longer to reach the camp due to slow driving around these numerous puddles.

After getting off at Kamshet station, private taxis are waiting outside. You can rent one of these for transport to the campsite. It is about 25 km from Kamshet railway station to the camp.

The jeep costs ₹2000 for a ride from both sides and ₹1200 for a ride from one side. The cost can be shared with other passengers as the jeep can accommodate up to 10 people.

More about Pawan Lake

Pawna Lake is a scenic lake in Maharashtra. Although you can visit the lake at any time of the year, January to May and October to December are the best months to visit Lake Pawna. During this time, the state’s weather is perfect for planning a visit to the lake. You will find it in all its glory and the weather will not prevent you from taking in the beauty of the surroundings.

When it comes to camping at Pawna Lake, the best time would be exactly these months. For camping everywhere, every traveler needs and wants less rain and dry weather. If you visit the lake at the beginning of the year you will find it perfect for waking up to the beautiful sunrise and planning your day accordingly.

And if you are traveling in December, you will experience cool breezes that will enhance your stay at the camps. You can also do adventure activities in during these months, which is a must if you want to experience a trip you will remember forever.

During the monsoon season, the camps are arranged in a hut form that can accommodate a maximum of 5 people at a time. The music only lasts until 10 pm. following the government’s night-time curfew order. Snacks & Dinner does not open beyond the times stated on the website. After booking, the location details given on the booking voucher may vary slightly. Guests are requested to call the tour operator in advance and use the actual location of the camp.

Do’s and Don’ts

If you are coming from Mumbai, do not take the long route ie the route to Kamshet. The shortest route from Mumbai is the Dudhiware Khind route.

Bring a pair of bathing suits. It will be necessary when you go swimming.

Do not engage in water sports if you are afraid of water. The lake is deep and therefore not safe for you.

To have the best experience, you need to book with the best provider in the Lake District. Pawna Lake campsite price starts from INR 800 and up.

Don’t forget your camping essentials like a flashlight, first aid, camera, etc.

Wear loose and comfortable clothing when traveling to your destination.

Do not take too much luggage as it is only a night camping.

Book a shared jeep on the route from Kamshet to Mumbai so you can save some money.

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