Selection of Keyboards for Developers&Keyboard Price in Pakistan

Keyboard Price in Pakistan

A good keyboard is a developer’s best friend. Not only the purely mechanical comfort of coding, but also the emotional state depends on the correctly chosen model. Fragility, excessive noise, lack of fixation on the table, improper appearance and errors during work – all this is hell for a professional. When you’re typing for hours, you need maximum comfort and peace of mind. Our team has analyzed the available keyboard options and compiled the most interesting ones for developers. In this article, we tell you about keyboard selection for developers and keyboard price in Pakistan.
While preparing our review, we spoke to a dozen developers and try to understand their personal criteria for choosing a keyboard for work. As understood, everyone has very different tastes, habits and characteristics.

Everyone agreed that, above all, the keyboard had to be well assemble: not to bend, not to creak, not to be heavy enough not to move around the desk as you type.

As for keys and types of keys, this is a highly subjective part of selection. On sale you can find both a mediocre mechanical membrane and a very good membrane. At the same time, it is a myth to think that all mechanics are noisy. It relies on the kind of keys. But in any case, the mechanical type has more tactile feedback than the membrane type. The main recommendation here is to try and test the keyboard at the selection stage. As an option, do not immediately buy very expensive models, use lower-class devices.

Logitech G915 Touch

Let’s start our selection from the iconic models. The Logitech G915 Touch Keyboard with Low Profile GL Tactile Mechanical Switches took the lead here in terms of developer feedback. Users note its ultra-thin chassis with a thickness of 22 mm, low noise, clear feedback when pressed, flexible configuration of RGB backlight modes, the presence of additional keys through Logitech’s proprietary software, as well as the ability to use connections with wired and wireless. . .

The device consists of a solid plate of durable aluminum alloy. The base is made of reinforce steel. The materials used make the keyboard strong and durable. The entire face has a polished finish and is very pleasant to the touch. The keyboard covers have a special oleophobic coating, so they practically do not leave traces and fingerprints.

The keyboard is equip with a full numeric keypad. Above it are indicators and a volume wheel. In addition, there are special multimedia keys in the arsenal. On the front of the keyboard there are several additional buttons, one of which is design to control the operation of the RGB brightness. Allows you to adjust the brightness of the backlight and switch between preset lighting effects. To do this, use a combination of this button with the numbers 1-7. You can create your own lighting profiles in the Logitech G HUB app and assign them to the 8 and 9 keys.

There are five special buttons engrave with a “G” on the left side of the keyboard. Through the Logitech G HUB app, they can be program to perform any task and action, as well as play macros of any complexity. On the front of the Logitech G915 Tactile, there are three buttons called M1, M2 and M3. It is design to switch between individual settings profiles for the G keys.

The wireless keyboard connection is made using Lightspeed technology. It allows you to transmit information with a minimum response time of 1 ms. The Logitech G915 Tactile can also be fully functional when connected via USB. It takes about three hours to fully charge the battery to 100%, and the gadget can work for several working days
The keyboard can be connect to two different devices at the same time using the available connection types and then switch between the devices using the corresponding buttons on the front panel. This can be a very useful option when working on multiple projects at the same time on different machines.

Logitech G915 TKL in RGB

\One of the best portable options is the Logitech G915 TKL Wireless Keyboard. It belongs to the mechanical category and is part of Logitech’s gaming peripherals.

Unlike the basic wired version, the model has a compact design: there is no usual block of number keys on the right side. The device can be easily carry in a small handbag or laptop bag. Meanwhile, the sleek body is made of aviation aluminum alloy.

The device uses low-level GL mechanical switches. Available in GL Clicky, GL Tactile and GL Linear versions. The keys are custom color Lightsync RGB. At the top of the housing are additional multimedia buttons and volume controls.

Multiple wireless devices and communication problems at work are solve with LightSpeed connectivity with a 1 ms response time. A separate USB adapter is include. Bluetooth connectivity is also support. This allows you to work with different devices at the same time. You also have the option of using a wired USB connection.

Claimed battery life lasts up to 40 hours with the light on. The dimensions of the Logitech G915 TKL keyboard are 368 × 150 × 22 mm, weight – 810 g. The internal memory is designs to store two light profiles and three macro profiles. Notable additional features include the ability to print to multiple devices at the same time. There is special software for adjusting the backlight and macros – Logitech G HUB.

XPG caller

One of the most popular mechanical models is ADATA’s XPG Summoner keyboard. It features Cherry MX switches (red, blue or fast, depending on configuration), magnetic mount, 9-level RGB lighting, a set of extra keys, and support for unlimited scrolling.

Keyboard Form Factor: Skeleton The profile here is low, making it comfortable to wear. base plastic. There is a 1.5 mm thick mounting plate on the lid. There are four small elastic rubber feet on the corners. Folding sticks are strong and have rubber pads underneath, but they are stronger.

The support frame is made of plastic. The top is silky and enjoyable to touch. There are eight rubber feet on the stand. It is attach to the keyboard case using magnets, which is very convenient. It can also be use as a standalone device.

Keyboard layout: US 104 keys: long slide left and single level entry. The F1 key is above the “2” key on the line below. The headers of the Ctrl, Win, and Alt keys are the same width. On the display there is an additional button responsible for muting the volume and sound. So the total number of keys is 105.

The multimedia block increases from the main level. Users say this is a great solution because the controls are easier to use and you’re less likely to be holding down the numpad keys.

You can customize the XPG Summoner keyboard through the XPG Prime software. The toggle function is available for all keys except Fn and the volume key. Macros can import, export and duplicate. The macro editor is functional and useful.

Logitech MX Switches

If mechanical keyboards aren’t for you, you should pay attention to the Logitech MX Keys membrane model. Like most modern laptops, it uses a “scissors” mechanism. Low-profile PerfectStroke keys provide natural, smooth and accurate keystrokes. They’re quiet.

Thanks to the special support of the keys, which adapts to the shape of the fingers, you can work comfortably for a long time. The special design of the keys improves the sound quality and reduces the noise level.

The dimensions of the device are 430 × 132 × 20 mm, weight – 810 g. The metal base ensures the stability and durability of the keyboard. Moving is almost impossible thanks to the rubber feet. The tilt angle is about 30 degrees, not adjustable. An optional numeric keypad is available. The device has a total of 107 buttons.
It is worth noting that Logitech MX Keys has a non-standard appearance of additional functions and keys. Separately, it is worth paying attention to the long Esc, short Shift to the left. The PrinScr button can be found on the numpad. Right next to it is the context menu button.

The keyboard supports wired connection through the USB Type-C port. It provides a wireless connection through a USB receiver using Bluetooth or wireless technology. Easy-Switch technology allows you to connect up to three devices simultaneously and easily switch between them with the push of a button.
It has 6-zone RGB backlighting, which supports various effects such as “breathing” and “color wave”. There is an Anti-Ghosting function for accurate recognition of several simultaneously pressed buttons. Expand up to 26 keys.

On the right is the traditional digital button block. It has a “floating” switch design. Dimensions 440 × 134 × 40.3 mm, weight – a little over a kilogram.

For connection to a computer, a wire interface with USB type A connector is use. The length of the connection cable is 1.8 meters. The polling rate is 125 Hz. The XPG Infarex K10 keyboard is available in black.


An example of a very high-quality and comfortable membrane keyboard is the MSI VIGOR GK20. This model is full size and includes an additional digital block. Dimensions – 455 × 171 × 34 mm, weight – 866 grams.

It is made mainly of matte plastic, although there are glossy inserts on the sides and bottom. The support under the wrists is not very large in terms of surface area, but it is enough for a comfortable palm rest. There are three rubber feet on the back of the device. They prevent the keyboard from slipping during operation. There are also two legs with the ability to adjust the angle of inclination.

In terms of ergonomics, all keys, except for the space bar, have a concave surface and are made of plastic, which is pleasant to the touch. The shape of the buttons follows the shape of the fingertips, which has a positive effect on ergonomics. The keyboard is not only comfortable to play, but also very pleasant to type on. In addition, it is also worth noting the Anti-Ghosting function, which prevents false clicks in games.
MSI VIGOR GK20 has RGB lighting. Right, you can’t change the colors. The maximum available is to adjust brightness and ripple effect. One of the features of the keyboard is its waterproof layer. Protects the work surface against accidental water ingress. However, do not spill it on the device. No one guarantees the safety of internal components.

The VIGOR GK20 can be connects to a computer with a USB cable. The length is 1.8 meters and it is made of standard black PVC mesh. This model does not have a separate program for setting and reassigning functions. The advantage is the low price.

Lenovo Legion K200

Among the current models, it is worth noting the Lenovo Legion K200 membrane keyboard. The body of the device is made of plastic. At the same time, there are metal plates that give the structure greater strength and reliability. Dimensions are 480 × 210 × 30 mm, weight – 1.34 kg. Overall, the keyboard looks stylish, massive, and even brutal.

The device received a full-size design with an additional digital block. There are a total of three LED backlight modes and three levels of light intensity. Users note a very smooth keystroke and good keystroke response. The only drawbacks are that the letters themselves are not backlit in capitals.

Logitech K280E Comfort

In the class of cheap and bulky models, the full-sized Logitech Comfort K280E keyboard stands out. Many companies buy the asset for business purposes. First of all, this is due to the price and reliability. The device belongs to the membrane type and is based on a classic design. Pressing the keys at a comfortable angle is achieved thanks to the retractable feet and elongate face. The connection is made using a cable with a USB connector.

The keyboard is equip with 103 keys, including a numeric keypad, for ease of use. The membrane type of the device allows for the presence of silicone seals that allow the plastic keys to come into contact with the contact surface and reduce their movement for a quick response.

The Logitech Comfort K280E keyboard connects the F1-F12 group in multimedia mode using the Fn key. The keys can customize as desire. Dimensions are 459 × 182 × 20 mm, weight – 930 grams. The developers have deliberately increased the weight of the device, which ensures that the device remains stable during prolonged printing.


The Canyon CNS-HKB02 completes our range. This ultra-efficient keyboard is of the membrane type and offers comfortable operation when you type a lot of text. The switches can withstand up to 10 million clicks. At the same time, it is important to keep noise reasonably low during printing.

The Canyon CNS-HKB02 got a complete design with a separate digital block. It has a total of 104 keys. You can operate multimedia functions with the key combination F1-F12.

Logitech MX keys have a white backlight that automatically adjusts brightness based on lighting conditions. The motion sensor turns on the backlight, reacting to the proximity of the hands. When it stops working, the backlight turns off to save battery power. On a full battery charge, the keyboard can work independently for up to 10 days using the backlight.

Red Square Keyrox TKL Classic

Among the mechanical keyboards available, it is worth highlighting the Red Square Keyrox TKL Classic. It’s built in a classic frame format, equip with bi-color covers, RGB backlighting, and Gateron Yellow linear switches. The base of the device is made of plastic. There are four elastic rubber feet at the corners. The bases of the folding supports are made of the same material. The build quality of this model is top notch.

The keyboard does not have a numeric keypad and contains 87 buttons. The F1 key is located above the “2” button in the fifth row. Caps Ctrl, Win and Alt have the same width, Left Shift is long, Enter is one level. Support unlimited number of simultaneous clicks. Keyboards are double mol: the characters are part of the keyboard, not print on its surface. Keyboard brightness is adjust with Fn + up (down) combinations. There are 4 levels. For the entire design, there are 12 typical backlight modes, one of which is static.

The Keyrox app is use to customize the keyboard. In it you can create profiles, export, import, connect to various programs. It is possible to reassign functions for all keys except Fn. There is the possibility to export and import macros. In addition to keyboard clicks, the macro editor can capture three mouse buttons. The editing is complete: you can remove and add commands, adjust delays, or continue recording macros.

XPG Infarex K10 3990

The XPG Infarex K10 keyboard is made in full size. The solution refers to the so-called Mem-Chanical class. The model combines the design of the membrane with the sensation of working with a mechanical type device. Claimed lifespan exceeds 50 million clicks.

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