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Garden Products

Even so, the right tool can help you garden a lot, even though there are many curve balls. We asked garden experts for advice on the best gardening tools to have on hand during the growing season to give you an idea of where to start with your own toolkit. For savings on the garden, products use the Citrus Coupon Code.

Best Garden Products Tools

For this list of gardening tools, we asked experts what they thought were must-haves for gardeners of all skill levels, but especially for new gardeners who are putting together their first toolkit. For each product, they pointed out what features to look for when shopping, which helped us find high-rated items. Some of the experts’ favorite brands were also suggested.

Best Indoor Gardening Tools

You can plant seeds in your garden, but some may do better if you start them off inside first. Experts told us that it’s easier to control things like light, moisture, and temperature inside and that it protects young plants from bugs, parasites, and diseases.

Sears also said that starting plants indoors gives you a head start on the growing season, especially for plants that you can eat, like fruits, vegetables, and herbs. “If you live in a colder area, what you want to grow might take longer to grow than your growing season allows,” she said. “Starting seeds indoors lets you grow what you like to eat for a longer period of time.”

Grow Light Ezorkas

Sears said that these lights give indoor seedlings the light they need to grow strong and healthy without becoming “leggy,” or so floppy that they fall over. She also said that grow lights keep plants from reaching for a light source that is far away. This grows light can be attached to tables and countertops and can be set to turn on and off at certain times of the day. Experts told us that lights of these colors help control plant growth and help them when they flower or reach full size. The light comes with a control panel that lets you choose between three-time modes, nine dim modes, and three switch modes. Use the True Leaf Market Coupon Code for savings.

Vivosun Seedling Heat Mat

Sears says that a heat mat is a key to getting seeds to grow quickly. The heat from the mat tells the seeds that it’s time for them to grow. Vivosun says that this heat mat is flexible and won’t get wet. It also comes with a digital thermostat that lets you change the temperature of the mat. It has over 8,800 reviews on Amazon, and most of them give it 4.5 stars.

Best Outdoor Gardening Tools

Over time, you’ll probably find a set of tools that work best for you and your garden. But experts say that to get started, you should keep a shovel and hoe on hand. Sears said to keep gardening tools in a beverage cooler that can stand up to the weather. You can put it next to your outdoor garden, in your garage, or on your patio or deck.

Shears For Pruning

Carmen DeVito, who started the garden and landscape design company Garden Cult, said, “Everyone must have at least one pair of pruners.” She said that the Felco #6 pruner was good for people with smaller hands. It has aluminum handles and steel blades, and the brand says that the narrow, pointed tip lets you cut closer to the stems of plants. The pruning shears have been reviewed over 18,500 times on Amazon, and the average rating is 4.8 stars.

Bahco Ergo Bypass Pruner

DeVito said that the Bahco Ergo Bypass Pruner is a great choice if you have bigger hands. It has blades made of carbon steel that is coated with Xylan, which is a type of coating that the brand says prevents rust and cuts down on friction. The brand says that the upper handle has a soft grip cover for comfort. There are more than 190 reviews of this pruner on Amazon, and on average, they give it 4.6 stars.

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