The Importance Of High-Resolution Industrial Cameras

The need to feel safe and have an efficient security system has grown exponentially worldwide. Video monitoring, known as CCTV, is among the most sought-after solutions. According to a study, video surveillance represents 54% of the global physical security market and is estimated to grow at an annual rate of 6.3% by 2020.

High-resolution industrial cameras in Full HD and audiovisual storage are already in large corporations and small and medium businesses, residences, and condominiums. It is due to the advancement of technology and the possibility of not investing as high in security systems as was seen a few years ago. But what are the advantages of having an industrial camera?

Why Do High-Resolution Industrial Cameras Make A Difference?

In short, the resolution of a camera is the number of lines and pixels that the equipment uses to form the images. The higher resolution, the sharper the images. Industrial cameras with full HD technology have a resolution of 1080p. This means that they transmit images that are 1920 × 1080 pixels.

But what sets high-resolution industrial cameras apart from the rest? Mainly the sharpness and detailed display provided, which in terms of security means a lot. With them, there is much more image quality possible through digital zoom to obtain more details than in lower resolutions. This optimizes the analysis and subsequent evaluation of a problem or accident when images are required.

When the quality is lower, the images are blurred, and it is often impossible to identify the face of people or car plates, causing the security system not fully to fulfill its function.

And Where Can They Be Used?

  • In the store: you can identify cash details, shelves, and customer handling;
  • In condominiums, malls, and businesses: it is possible to register the people who pass through the different entrances;
  • Parking lots also make it easier to read license plates at the gates.

In internal and external areas, these high-resolution industrial cameras can identify details, even facial, up to 7.5 meters away. As well as providing more detail, they still cover a larger area than conventional cameras, meaning fewer cameras are needed to cover more space.

To illustrate the importance of having closed circuit television with Full HD resolution, we can cite the identification cases of criminals in raids on condominiums, vehicle theft or robbery in stores such as jewelers and lottery, or confusion in the stadiums of football and even terrorist attacks.

It is important to remember that industrial cameras, especially those with high-resolution images, need to have a specific HD. This is because higher quality images like Full HD have a larger image size compared to analog. That is why it is necessary to include video receivers, NVRs, and NAS that support such resolutions, such as:

  • High-resolution camera: for license plate recognition
  • High-Resolution Camera Photo
  • The Stare-LS camera is an integrated high-resolution license plate recognition system.

All in one system: camera, analyzer, and illuminator; It is characterized by its high resolution, the high light sensitivity of its sensor, and intelligent pulsed infrared illumination. It also has an integrated engine with multi-country reading for standardized license plates in America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

This generation of high-resolution industrial cameras is designed and developed to optimize its resources and quality/price ratio for low-speed applications: access control, tolls, parking, etc. It maintains the same high-performance and reliable technology as all Stare versions, with thousands of installations running worldwide.

The industrial camera allows synchronization with any external color IP camera that allows image request by HTTP command, sending both images together in the event. It offers a fast response and reliable continuous detection (freeflow), including the possibility of internally managing lists (white/black) in the device itself and maintaining high-quality levels in any environmental condition since it has pulsed and adjustable lighting.

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