The Personal Consultancy – Shiv Khera

Personal Consultancy- Shiv Khera

Personal Consultancy is a term used to describe the services of an individual who offers business advice and guidance to clients. It is a lucrative business, as people often trust the advice of a professional when making decisions related to their business. Personal consultants can provide a wide range of expertise in areas such as finance, marketing, operations, leadership and human resources. Below are some of the reasons why you should consider hiring a personal consultant.

It is a form of offering guidance and support from a professional perspective to individuals. It is often tailored to meet specific needs, and can include topics such as career advice, personal development, and business development. Consultants may also provide communication and problem-solving strategies, as well as helping to develop action plans for achieving specific goals. Additionally, personal consultancy can provide the individual with greater understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and how to identify potential opportunities for career and personal growth.

Personal consultancy provides personalized advice and support to individuals or organizations formed to help them create strategies for growth and success. 

The benefits of personal consultancy include: 

1. Giving independent, objective advice and support

2. Helping identify areas of improvement and best practices

3. Developing strategies and plans that are tailored to each client’s specific needs

4. Prompting clients to assess their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that affect their plans

5. Discussing budget limitations and potential risks

6. Analyzing trends and interpreting data for up-to-date decision making

7. Providing mentorship and motivating clients to keep working towards their goals

8. Developing relationships aimed at long-term success.

Why are Personal consultants important?

1. Personalized Advice: A good consultant will tailor their advice and recommendations to suit the individual client’s specific needs. They will also take into account the client’s goals, values, skills and resources to ensure that the advice is tailored to the individual and to the situation.

2. Increased Efficiency: With an expert consultant, you can achieve greater efficiency, as they have a deep understanding of the field and have the resources to quickly identify the best solutions. This can save you considerable time and money when attempting to tackle complex problems or find solutions.

3. Objectivity: Without personal connections to the situation, the consultant can provide a neutral and objective perspective. They will not be swayed by emotional connection or corporate culture, which can be beneficial in unique situations or when contemplating drastic changes.

4. Expertise: An experienced consultant will bring a depth of knowledge and expertise to a project that the client may not possess in-house.

Personal Consultancy typically refers to a professional service offered to individuals and businesses by an expert who is hired to provide advice, guidance, and support on a wide range of topics. Also known as personal advice and life consulting, the services provided by a personal consultant may include helping clients create a life and career roadmap, setting and attaining goals, problem solving and decision making, guiding clients through transitions, understanding the dynamics of relationships and communication, acknowledging and taking responsibility for personal choices and behavior, and working with career related issues and life choices.

Many people hire a personal consultant because they want a source of objective, informed feedback and advice on various issues. A personal consultant can be a great help to someone who is feeling overwhelmed, confused, or uncertain. They bring an objective, outside perspective to the mix, which can help the client look at their life and situation in a new way. A professional consultant will also provide up-to-date, relevant information and sound strategies that are tailored.

About Shiv Khera

Shiv Khera is an Indian author of self-help books and an activist. He is known as the author of the international bestseller, You Can Win: A Step-by-Step Guide to Achieving Success. He is also the founder of Qualified Learning Systems Inc., an organization that develops personal and professional development programs with the goal of inspiring excellence.

He is an inspiring speaker and motivator, whose books and workshops have impacted the lives of millions around the world. His aim is to help people discover the power within themselves and to show them how to unlock their creative potential. He believes that every person can reach their highest level of success and fulfillment if they take personal responsibility and combine knowledge, skill and self-belief.

He has authored several other books, including Freedom Is Not Free, The Great Indian Dream and You Can Sell. He is the founder of Qualified Learning Systems Inc, USA. 

Some of his extraordinary achievements include: 

• Founding of Qualified Learning Systems Inc, USA

• Authored sixteen books.

• Conducted over 2500 seminars and sessions across more than 25 countries.

• Winner of the International Global Achievers Award in 2013.

• Ran a school and college speaking program across India.

• Gave more than 125 television and radio interviews on motivational subjects.

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