Top 6 BBQ Restaurants in Gatlinburg Ranked Delauder’s BBQ in Gatlinburg

We begin with a delineation, which is a collection of parameters.

This is an article on the finest barbecue restaurants in Gatlinburg, not the best ribs.

We’re talking about slow cooking over hickory wood, which results in wonderful meat with the ideal smokey taste.

The finest BBQ spot I’ve ever eaten at was a small hole in the wall along the Dallas-Wilcox County boundary, widely known as Alabama’s Black Belt Region. There, I got the finest pulled pork sandwich I’d ever tasted. The BBQ sauce was sweet and spicy and delicious. But what about the baby back ribs? They were adequate.

As a result, when I needed good BBQ, we headed to the Old South. We went to else when I wanted the greatest ribs, generally Dreamland.

BBQ spots vary around the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

There are several styles and influences, and each produces delicious food, but which are the best? That is sometimes a matter of personal choice. Do you like a more robust sauce? Perhaps a vinegar-based sauce from North Carolina? Perhaps, God forbid, a South Carolina mustard-based sauce?

As a result, determining which is the greatest BBQ establishment in Gatlinburg is essentially subjective.

We’ll start with a bonus recommendation.

The trek to Pigeon Forge’s Boss Hogg’s BBQ Shack on Wears Valley Road is well worth it. If I may make a suggestion, stop by this barbeque hotspot on your way to Metcalf Bottoms for a picnic.

Grab a couple of pounds of pulled pork, some coleslaw, green beans, and perhaps the loaded potato salad, and dine like a king at one of the nicest picnic locations in the mountains.

However, if you prefer to dine at a BBQ favourite location closer to downtown Gatlinburg, you have lots of fantastic alternatives.

Tennessee Jed’s Restaurant in Gatlinburg

Tennessee Jed’s This sandwich store with a greater purpose is a lovely small spot where sandwich creation is an art form.

Tennessee Jed’s isn’t only a barbecue joint; it’s also a sandwich shop that serves decent barbecue. The original pulled pork is available with homemade barbecue sauce. However, the Cuban, which integrates the pulled pork into something more experimental, is my favourite.

Whatever you chose, Tennessee Jed’s is poised to build a second site in Gatlinburg, ready to provide more famous sandwiches and excellent breakfast meals.

Bennett’s BBQ offers a beef plate.

Bennett’s Pit BBQ provides combination platters and pig platters to give you a taste of everything

Bennett’s Pit BBQ is number five.

Bennett’s Pit BBQ, which is part of the Johnson Family of Restaurants, is a terrific, safe barbecue establishment for the whole family. The sauce is spicy, but not overpowering. And there are lots of alternatives for people who do not choose to worship at the barbeque altar.

I like the BBQ combination since it lets you sample three different types of smoked meats. Alternatively, I go for BBQ chicken, smoked sausage, and burned ends, but feel free to experiment and try something new.

Gatlinburg’s Hungry Bear BBQ

Hungry Bear BBQ in Gatlinburg is a family-run business.

4. Hungry Bear Barbecue

The Hungry Bear has two Gatlinburg sites, both on the East Parkway, and is locally owned and run. And, as you may know, I think it’s a positive indication when a company does so well that it establishes a new site on the same street.

Staff at Hungry Bear smoke the meats on-site.


Bones BBQ in Gatlinburg serves a range of southern BBQ dishes. Morgan Overholt/ picture

3. Bones Barbecue Joint

This is a great place to pick up a family picnic pack on the way to the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail. However, if you want to do a lot of hiking, I do not recommend bringing a picnic pack. Picnic kits are designed to help you relax and digest.

Bones showcases the variety of southern barbecue. It’s also a terrific area to stop and enjoy some of the best southern dining around.

The meat is cooked in the Memphis dry rub method, but there are also South Carolina mustard sauce, North Carolina vinegar sauce, a white sauce, and a Bourbon BBQ sauce available.

Family meal kits are also excellent for returning to your mountain lodge. The Pitmaster Combos are the greatest way to sample a range of the restaurant’s options and determine which you like.

Calhoun’s BBQ ribs with slaw and broccoli

Calhoun’s BBQ ribs with claw and broccoli (picture by Alaina O’Neal/

2. Calhoun’s slow cook method is internationally recognised. Calhoun is one of East Tennessee’s most famous and celebrated barbecue craftsmen.

Furthermore, the Family Feed Packs are ideal for mountain picnics or taking back to your chalet.

As an appetiser, I enjoy the sausage and cheese plate, as well as the Southern fried green tomatoes.

The hickory smoked bar-b-que platter, as well as the famed Calhoun’s trifecta of baby back ribs, chicken tenders, and hickory smoked pork, are must-orders.

Don’t sleep on the Spinach Maria for sides.

Delauder’s, a local treasure, frequently serves the greatest BBQ in town (picture by Daniel Munson/

1. Smoky Mountain BBQ by Delauder’s

Delauder’s BBQ is a sacred site. It’s a temple dedicated to the sublime art of smoking foods.

Be cautious, the PBLT – smoked pork belly sandwich – may spoil all other PBLTs for you in the future. The fried house-smoked pork belly is garnished with lettuce and tomato.

Ribs, pulled pork, brisket, grilled chicken breast, and smoked sausage are included, along with your choice of two sides, the finest of which are the fried mac & cheese, fried okra, and collard greens.

There are no replacements, so you get what you get. Don’t be avaricious.

If you don’t mind a little heat, consider the Sneaky Pig Sandwich, which has Delauder’s pulled pork in an award-winning sweet habanero sauce.

Finally, if you haven’t discovered the delights of cooked bologna, you must try the Holy Bologna sandwich. It has grilled bologna, pulled pork, onions, pickles, nacho cheese, lettuce, sweet jalapeño mustard, and BBQ sauce on top. It’s incredible.

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