Transcription Services and Its Demand

Transcription Services and Its Demand

Transcription is the translation of audio-visual content. In this time of digitalization when companies are moving towards e-commerce the demand for transcription services is rising. This is because social media content contains visual files. Transcription of these files is very time-consuming. Therefore companies should hire a professional translation agency that can provide transcription and interpretation services

Anyone Can not do Transcription 

The transcription is a difficult task, not anyone can do it. Let’s find out the reasons. 

Audio File Quality is not Perfect 

We come across such people, whenever we call them it seems the voice is coming from a dust storm. Therefore, we are not able to understand them. You try to understand when they repeat what they are saying. Audio voices are always like that sometimes they are crystal clear and sometimes it is distorted. The transcriber can not start its work until the sound of the audio file is clear. 

Understanding different Accents 

It is difficult to understand the accent of people that speak another language. People speak regional languages that are not easy to transcribe. A large number of people are speaking in the file. You may get an audio file where one or two people are speaking. They are recognizable. The problem comes when more than two people are speaking. In such cases, the transcriber gets confused that which person is speaking. 

Why is Transcription in High Demand?

Transcription plays an important role in many industries. 

  • In jurisdiction, transcription is required in hearings, recorded confessions, interrogations, and even in phone tapping and audio retrieved from other mobile applications.
  • The business world required transcription services for marketing videos, business-oriented conferences, presentations, and training. 
  • In the medical field, doctors and medical staff can share patient reports in audio formats.
  • Academically, transcription is required for research conducted through interviews. You will be surprised to know that many writers have compiled their books through transcription.

The Covid-19 pandemic has made the world more virtual. Even when this tough period was over, companies are still going to workshops, conferences, and webinars that are taking place online. With the increase in the number of virtual events, the demand for transcription is increasing. 

Challenges and Requirements 

Due to its increasing demand, the translation industry is lacking people that can transcribe well. You will find translators that can provide seamless translation and interpretation services. However, for transcription, you need to train people after removing their myths about transcription. 

Another challenge that transcription is facing is due to the use of Artificial Intelligence. They use automation dictation software for transcription. No doubt that AI keeps the work done fast and computers can transcribe audio faster than humans. However Human assistance is still required for professional proofreading services

The target market of deaf persons is getting the required information through audio material. If they are using machine translation then they need to be very careful to ensure accuracy for a different type of target audience. 

How to Become a Transcriber? 

Do you want to become a transcriber and want to add transcription services to your portfolio then you must study the audio-visual market and inculcate these competencies that are required to become a transcriber. You must enhance your typing skills and cut down the editing part of the content that you type. Moreover, you can access different softwares to streamline and control the audio so that you don’t have to rewind the pause the audio. If you want to know whether becoming a transcriptionist is the best career for you or not then you must ponder on these points.

  • Try to transcribe the audio yourself. Don’t use other equipment apart from the quality headphones. Listen to the audio carefully and try to translate the utter words. Analyze how many times, you need to stop the video to understand the spoken words. 
  • If you enjoyed the work then look for online transcriptionist courses and take a certification. The certificate can enable you to polish the skills that are essential for becoming a professional  transcriptionist
  • Listen to multiple videos of different regions to understand consumer behavior  
  • Practice makes you confident then you can apply for work in a translation agency or can work on your own
  • You should also learn about associations and organizations that are working to create a hub of transcribers. For example, the American Association of Electronic Reporters, the International Alliance of Professional Reporters and Transcribers, the Transcription Society, and the Association of Transcribers and Speech-to-text Providers. 

The important thing to note about transcription is that it is not secretarial work. People are getting aware that there is a large audience that doesn’t want to listen and watch but wants content in writing. 

Wrapping Up 

You will not find translation theories about transcription in the literature of translation studies. You need to understand this concept yourself. Transcription is helping companies that are working remotely. You can become a transcriber after knowing its challenges and requirements. Many translation agencies are paying handsome salaries to transcribers. It is a tedious task but your sheer dedication can make you a top transcriber in the translation industry. 

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