Unleashing the Glamour of Maria Osama Khan Fashion Lines


Maria Osama Khan is a luxury apparel brand. It has been providing exceptional clothing throughout the time the brand started. You will find anything that you want at MOK, from to unstitched both. Any style that you are looking for is available at the brand. Casual, formal and semi-formal clothing are the major styles of clothing, required by everyone. Maria Osama Khan collections has all these styles and much more. All collections of the brand are also available at Raja Sahib. A top retail destination for all your clothing needs.

A luxury Brand | Maria Osama Khan Online

Maria osama khan provides designs which are not only ethnic in nature but an intermix of both modern and eastern designs. The mix of modern designs with an ethnic touch exudes a look which looks new as well as beautiful. At Maria Osama Khan you can find pret clothes which are already stitched. From design to the embellishments and embroidery, everything is already available on the pret dress. Depending on the brand’s collection, pret also comes in three, two and one pieces.

Unstitched clothes are also available at the brand as everyday, luxury or bridal collections. You can get the unstitched clothes stitched by your local tailor, the way you like. This gives you an open idea and uses different buttons, laces, etc. on your dress. These clothes come in print, embroidered and an intermix of both.

Maria Osama Khan Collection | Luxurious Summer Pret

The recently released collection by Maria Osama Khan is Retro-Ready to Wear collection. Retro theme is the major idea behind this collection. This classical theme was majorly used in the 1900s and became really famous. The retro theme has been amazingly used by MOK. From the prints to the styling and the cuts of the dress, everything speaks about the retro style. The pret collection is two-piece and has the voguish feel to it. The collection is print on print, which means the whole dress is either printed with one or two designs.

Epoc is this collection shirt which is an open-cut shirt with bright ribbon edging and yellow buttons on the front. Unique designs at the border of the wide-leg pants give this fashionable ensemble a particular touch. The floral pattern on the black ground produces an aura that is unmatched.

Maria Osama Khan Festive Formal Collections

Virsa Luxury Demi Couture

There are now fifteen dresses in this virsa collection. Dresses from this pret-formal collection come in a variety of colour schemes. These gowns may be worn in whatever way you desire. The gowns are adorned at mehendi, barat, and walima events depending on the colour and embroidery. Some gowns include delicate, light embroidery, accessorised for mayun or dholki events.

Salma Sitara Collection

This festive formal embroidered set, which includes eight dresses, is stunning. Each garment stands out because of its vivid to muted colours. You may wear the light blue “Qayaas” attire for different occasions in addition to barat or walima ceremonies. A hand-embroidered shirt with tilla, resham dori, and embellishments comes with korean silk gharara. It is paired with the same colored dupatta which has gotta on the borders.

Different Fabrics for Maria Osama Khan Winter Wear

For the winters, the one major difference is that the fabric is different. In summer, lawn and cotton are the main fabrics which are used. But in winters warm and thick fabrications are used which includes khaddar, velvet, pashmina, etc. Retro ready to wear collection winter edition is also available on sale currently. So get it on discounted price as soon as possible.

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