Why Basketball Shoes are Much Bulkier Than Running Shoes?

Basketball Shoes

Here are the most important rules about basketball shoes and why they are made the way they are.

A basketball shoe is “sturdier” than a regular sneaker for runners.

Both sports are meant to help with different kinds of movement, depending on the sport, but some design choices are similar. This is especially true now when the rules for basketball shoes are changing quickly to make them as light, flexible, and comfortable as possible.

Big shoe companies like Nike and Adidas share their patented shoe technology (cushioning, materials, etc.) across shoe types. This means that athletic shoes for different sports are more alike than ever before.

But for basketball shoes, it’s still important to keep the right structure, support, and sport-specific parts. This is why hoop shoes and running shoes can never be made or feel the same.


Basketball requires intense, quick, and reactive movements like quick speeding up or slowing down, jumping multiple times in a short amount of time, changing directions laterally, and many more. Because it’s such a fast-paced sport, the shoes have to be able to keep up. Basketball players need shoes with a good base that can support how their feet move and the different angles that are constantly thrown at them. Even though more and more hoop shoes on the market today are getting lighter and less bulky, most of them still have some kind of structured build. Some ways that hoop shoes are made stronger are by using multiple layers of material, adding extra compounds to the base build to make it stronger, or putting synthetic or plastic reinforcements on key areas (like the sides) to account for the torque you create when you play. You won’t often see a basketball sneaker made of only knit or woven materials.

There’s always something to hold it together better or something to make up for the weak spots in the material, whether it’s for performance or durability. Still wondering where to buy basketball shoes at low prices then check Puma Promo Code. 


I could talk for hours about how cushioning affects an athlete’s body and physiology, but there’s no denying that basketball shoes focus on cushioning more than almost any other type of sports shoe. Maybe other than shoes for volleyball. Some models, like Kyrie or Curry’s shoes, are made with a more minimal and low-profile cushioning system that focuses on speed and precision. However, a large part of the market still has shoes that are very bouncy, absorb a lot of impact, and make the ride more enjoyable for the wearer. The premium quality basketball shoes are available at discounted prices by using the York Athletics Discount Codes

Basketball is, of course, a sport with a lot of jumping, so it makes sense that companies would promote their cushion technologies and how much they help on the court. But if you want the truth, padding does NOT make it less likely that you will get hurt. At least, no studies have been done to show this yet. If you look at this study, you’ll see that there is still no proof that the amount of cushion affects the amount of impact load an athlete can handle.

Still, a lot of players like to have a lot of feedback underfoot because it makes each move feel better and gives them a feeling of being quick and springy, which is good for basketball.


Basketball shoes are among the heaviest sports shoes on the market because they have more structure, more cushion (which usually means more foam), extra support features like plastic torsional shank plates, and thick rubber outsoles for grip. But again, don’t get too caught up in that statement or the weight numbers of hoop shoes just because the times are changing. Back in the day, most basketball shoes were full leather tanks like Penny shoes or Jordan Retros. Things are getting lighter and more flexible without sacrificing other parts. Today’s 15-ounce shoes are so well-made that they don’t feel like they weigh that much. This is because the designers worked for years to perfect their compound formulas and also talked to the players. But even with that, hoop shoes are still heavier than running shoes (with a few exceptions), and if you take off a pair of LeBron 18s, a modern running shoe will feel like a feather.

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