Bathroom Color Ideas to Inspire Your Makeover Project

We don’t change the layout of our bathroom very often, that’s why we try to do well. The most difficult is surely the choice of colors for your room. These colors depend on the personality of the occupants of the home as well as the budget allocated to this service. Of course, all colors are possible, but we advise you the best so that you can flourish and relax with the right shades.

The trend is for bold colors with a powerful character such as gray, pink, red or yellow. So, dare to put color in your lives! Colors have a definite influence on our behavior and our mood, so we must select them carefully for a water feature filled with well-being and relaxation. We invite you to read on to discover the trend colors, the harmonization between them and our little tips for rooms with particularities.

Some requirements not to miss…

Whether you have bathroom decor ideas or not, one criterion should not be forgotten: it is the humidity of the room. This will influence your decision on the choice of floors and walls. Then choose a floor that is easy to clean and resistant to humidity such as waterproof parquet, tiles or waxed concrete, which is currently a trend. Cement tiles are in vogue as well as colored mosaics and zelliges.

As for the walls, you can opt for a special paint for bathrooms and wet rooms with a velvet finish. We recommend either an acrylic paint, because it is anti-mould, or a Glycero paint for its total impermeability and its ease of maintenance. The option of wallpaper is still possible, but it must be vinyl and placed at a reasonable distance from your water points. 

The trend is here! 

Trends can be very interesting to exploit, but they do not necessarily adapt to all rooms of the house. Currently, the bathroom is visualized in a natural spirit with ocher and ultramarine blue tones. Blue has long been used in this room and is still a staple. It is the very representation of water, dreams and travel.

Choose it in intense tones such as duck blue or petrol blue or in light shades to bring softness like on a cloud. It will be relaxing and timeless, but can become oppressive. Then place it in small touches and combine it with other colors for more character. For a natural atmosphere, brown is ideal in the bathroom. Opt for a light brown (very trendy at the moment) gold, if you do not like these colors, it is possible to use light wood furniture to bring a soft touch of exoticism.

Greens also have an important place in the trend: a fir green or an emerald green will be full of character and modernity. The palette of trendy colors is very wide, so let’s continue this path… another timeless one: the white bathroom, a symbol of purity and simplicity. If you are afraid of the “hospital” effect, you can use colored or wooden furniture, this will brighten up your bathroom with an impression of grandeur and abundant light.

Also, gray in all its shades remains refined and soothing provided that it is not a total look. A mouse gray or anthracite will emphasize the depth of the room without having a dull and boring image. Bright and dynamic colors are also welcome such as red, orange, pink and yellow for tonic mornings provided they are present in small touches or in powdery / deep shades.

And for a small bathroom? Or the one without a window? 

And yes, we also think of small bathrooms! It’s actually not the biggest room in the house, but there are several techniques you can use to visually enlarge your room. First of all, choose light colors over dark colors, they will illuminate your room instantly. White, beige or even light gray in monochrome are used in particular in addition to pastel tones such as light pink or sky blue.

You have two options in how to paint your walls: either you paint the smallest wall in a rather soft tone, or you paint your entire room in one and the same color. For fans of dark colors, we invite you to use the following colors by making a base : mouse gray, duck green, black, purple red or navy blue. In addition to that, make sure you have lots of windows and large mirrors. Precisely, for spaces without windows, solutions to illuminate your room also exist. Do not hesitate to use light colors or white on your walls, floors and bathroom furniture.

Missteps not to commit!

We advise you to avoid certain colors in your bathroom, certain tones could actually make you look bad or lower your morale in the morning. First of all, avoid the water green which will not put you to your advantage, because it lacks freshness. We also recommend that you avoid the following paint colors: turquoise blue, dark brown, lemon yellow, mint green and candy pink.

Beware of white and black: in total look, white can transcribe a hospital atmosphere and black a dungeon theme, both of which should be avoided in order to keep a warm, cozy and bright room. If your choice is a wooden furniture set, discard the idea of ​​dark wood that will dull your room. Go for more collections on!

Colors suitable for every ambience

Several atmospheres are possible and the colors will adapt to the desired style of your bathroom. You will find below a table associating the styles, the colors and the materials corresponding to it. This is a very simple way to transcribe a genre just by color finishes. 

Industrial – contemporaryBlack, white, grey, khaki green
A few touches of wood 
Zen and naturalMineral gray, variation of beige and light brown
Wood and stone 
DesignGraphic accents with neutral shades like black and white or more colorful hues like turquoise, yellow and green 
Elegant vintageEmerald green and gold
Black and white (metro tile) for Parisian bathroom
BohemiaWarm color palette: beige, terracotta or camel
Country charmShower color: light blue or soft green
Old-fashioned faucets and light fixtures

Form big things with small details 

Regarding sanitary items such as basins, shower trays, bathtubs, it is better to keep neutral and sober colors such as white, gray, black and beige. Added to this is the faucet. The best known is the chrome one, but the originality is out right now with white, gold, black or copper taps.

Finally, all the small accessories are an integral part of the decoration, and two choices will be possible: choose them in a color in harmony with the rest or quite the opposite by causing a contrast. Do it through a towel rack, a trash can, storage baskets, as well as all the bathroom accessories possible and unimaginable. For your walk-in shower, use colors like gray or golden beige, mirroring the style of Selena Quintanilla’s house.

The selection of bathroom furniture, an important step 

Bathroom furniture matters. Now you will find multitudes of shades and finishes : matte or glossy front, wooden or colored. The tones can vary from powder pink to ink blue via sky blue and pine green. If their color is well selected, they will bring an incredible cachet to your bathroom.

You can choose to coordinate all your furniture by opting for a complete set or to mismatch the colors (a white vanity unit with a wooden storage column and a black ceramic basin for example).

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