Best Pizza In Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia is a transient city loaded with explorers – numerous people go through it for corresponding flights and that’s it. Nonetheless, because of blasting endless suburbia and a growing business climate, there is in every case some place in Atlanta to track down great food. Assuming you end up being in the temperament for pizza, look at our manual for the best pizza puts this Southeastern city brings to the table.


Situated in the well known Buckhead region, Varasano’s Pizzeria has been casted a ballot ‘Best Pizza in Atlanta’ by a few sources. Its dainty hull pizzas are prepared flawlessly. The all-normal fixings loan themselves remarkably to each dish. Attempt Nana’s home extraordinary pizza, which is presented with mozzarella, San Marzano pureed tomatoes, and obviously an astounding mix of blended spices. Finish it off with Varasano’s sweet cooked red peppers.

Fellini’s Pizza

With a couple of areas sprinkled around the internal neighborhoods of Atlanta, Fellini’s is a nearby number one for secondary school understudies in Buckhead, youthful experts in Midtown, and family bunches from Sandy Springs. Their New York style pizzas are great – regardless of whether you pick to go with an exemplary cut of pepperoni. Whenever you’ve attempted that, return and pick a calzone to finish off with everything from meatballs, new spinach, or Italian hotdog, or even a beast measured Greek serving of mixed greens. Fellini’s Pizza succeeds in its part sizes and fair costs, so make certain to enjoy.

Antico Pizza

This wood fire pizza joint is family claimed and run, a Midtown project close to Atlanta’s Georgia Tech grounds started off by Giovanni Di Palma, who hails from Naples, Italy. The Napoli style pizza is more or less bona fide, making Antico one of Atlanta’s jewels for pizza.

Smooth Mushroom

Smooth Mushroom has been serving the Atlanta people group for more than 40 years at this point. Laid out on Midtown’s Spring Street in 1974, the pizza place has duplicated and developed significantly throughout the course of recent many years, yet the pad like, fleecy batter – delicate as a cloud – and executioner fixings haven’t gone anyplace. At Mellow, hand tailored individual pies, surging calzones, and exciting hoagies anticipate. Classy, deadhead-like adornments line the walls of this crazy pizza parlor, and the laid-back feel makes certain to add satisfaction to your visit. Including bison chicken to vegan and gluten free pizza choices, guests make certain to track down something heavenly.


Ribalta has two areas: one in New York City, the pizza mecca of the United States, the other in Atlanta, Georgia. Neapolitan food aces Rosario Procino and Pasquale Cozzolino have attempted to bring Atlanta inhabitants a smidgen of affection from both the Big Apple and Italy itself. Custom pizzas go with conventional works of art like the Parma (mozzarella, grape tomatoes, arugula, prosciutto, served on a slim outside layer). Ribalta serves true, painstakingly cooked pasta plates like spaghetti and gnocchi, also.

Savage Pizza

Valiantly involving the spotlight of perhaps of Atlanta’s most special area, Little Five Points most loved Savage Pizza is the ideal spot to get a cut prior to investigating the area. The plan is an all around half breed between burger joint like facilities and exciting, imaginative improvements and wall paintings of your #1 youth superheroes. Challenging any generalizations related with the exemplary pizza parlor, Savage Pizza is ideal for its Little Five Points area. Attempt the ‘sav-veg,’ complete with entire wheat hull, garlic pureed tomatoes, mushrooms, broccoli, yellow onion, broiled red peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses, and that’s just the beginning.


This East Atlanta Village gastropub flaunts a wood terminated broiler that creates probably the best pizza in the city. The kitchen stays open until 11 pm, and the pizzeria additionally has a sweeping specialty lager choice to go with its 14-inch pizzas. Attempt ‘the chief of naval operations,’ which accompanies rich pureed tomatoes, pepperoni, relieved Spanish chorizo, and arugula. The ‘wear a-tello’ is one more tempting decision, with simmered garlic adagio cream sauce and dark truffle pancetta that is beyond words. Try not to pass up Argosy regardless of whether you can’t make the drive – the flexible gastropub conveys!


Inman Park is an alluring neighborhood of Atlanta, culinary-shrewd. Fritti, a young, enthusiastic spot with an inviting porch and a rich inside serves wood-terminated pizza, too – its Neapolitan style is suggestive of what many mean when they notice ‘genuine pizza.’ Reaching a smothering 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, Fritti’s broiler helps turn over these Neapolitan magnum opuses at a palatable speed, however the Caputo flour and all-regular batter guarantees a scrumptious final result. Sit down on the porch and manage a decent Italian feast at a comfortable speed.

Max’s Coal Oven Pizzeria

Welcome to Max’s Coal Oven Pizzeria, one of Downtown, Atlanta’s most breathtaking culinary attractions. Promptly experience the New York style pizza and Max’s Tuscan cooked meats, remembering that it was cooked in Atlanta’s just coal stove pizza shop! The stockroom style structure is charmingly fitted with a wood framed inside and can oblige droves of clients, and with a lot of external seating, Max’s expects a lively job as one of Downtown’s most solid spots to stroll into on a bright day.


Baraonda is a bona fide Italian eatery found to the side the notable Fox Theater in Midtown, Atlanta. The café has an advanced menu, and its pizza choice is strong, fit with privately obtained fixings. Avoid any unnecessary risk with the margherita, or experience something new and make your own pizza. The custom choice incorporates a rundown of garnishes to browse (tricks, olives, artichokes, sun dried tomatoes, hot salami, and that’s just the beginning), so you’re ensured an opportunity to explore however much you like.

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