ChiroTouch vs JANE: The Trending EMRs of the Year  


To manage clinical responsibilities, healthcare practitioners might use various practice management systems. Patient portals and appointment tools are among the most basic tools given by EHRs (electronic health records). This ChiroTouch vs JANE comparison blog analyzes their features and price information. You will also learn how to access a demo before committing to a subscription! 

What is ChiroTouch? 

Chiro Touch is the industry’s cloud-based chiropractic software, designed particularly for medical practitioners. It is a fully integrated EHR that can be used from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. This chiropractic program enables users to focus on what is essential: their patients, their jobs, and their personal lives. In every manner, ChiroTouch is simple to set up, access, understand, and use. It is a completely integrated software solution that gives a single, smooth end-to-end experience. 

What is the JANE App? 

JANE is a web-based platform that streamlines teletherapy and appointment scheduling. It also offers tools for invoicing and patient charting for therapists. JANE supports mental health providers and wellness professionals. It is device-independent and offers an easy-to-use visual interface for scheduling appointments. It is also intended to complete daily practice activities and timetables. 

Features Worth Investing… ChiroTouch  

Wondering how ChiroTouch can improve your clinical workflows? Let’s take a look at its features! 

Patient Portal 

ChiroTouch’s EHR software allows practitioners to manage patient profiles digitally. They can also communicate with patients while adhering to the most recent compliance rules. The “ChiroTouch” patient portal speeds up the check-in procedure. Users can also contact patients to remind them of forthcoming appointments. They can also deliver customized marketing communications through email or SMS. It helps them reengage consumers and enhance conversions. 

Bill Management  

Invoices with embedded payment links can be created and sent through email and SMS. This tool speeds up the invoicing process by saving payment information from patients. It also allows you to pay your bills in person, online, or with contactless devices. 

Medical Documentation 

ChiroTouch was created by the industry’s most well-known billing and coding experts to stay up with CMS and HIPAA rule updates. It provides comprehensive medical documentation and billing protection. It also has “audit proof” cases, methods, and therapy-specific macros. 

What is the ChiroTouch Software Price? 

The Chirotouch software price differently for each practice. ChiroTouch offers two price choices for small and big practices:  

  • ChiroTouch Core 
  • ChiroTouch Advanced 

Each package includes the essential functionality of the ChiroTouch program. The Advanced plan adds some extra features to the software. 

You can get more details by contacting ChiroTouch’s sales team. 

Where Can I Watch a ChiroTouch Demo? 

The ChiroTouch demo shows how the program works in real time. You can also ask questions about ChiroTouch during the demo. Contacting the company’s support team can book a ChiroTouch software demo. 

Do Users Like ChiroTouch? 

ChiroTouch has a rating of 4/5 on GetApp. Let’s see what ChiroTouch reviews say: 

Undoubtedly, ChiroTouch has made its way into many users’ hearts. 

Users believe that ChiroTouch has a “remarkable overall functionality.” 

ChiroTouch has helped practices in saving their “time and money.” 

Users believe that ChiroTouch should offer more “options in the ledger.”

Features Worth Investing… JANE  

Are you thrilled to see which JANE features make it special for practitioners? Let’s see! 

Practice Schedule 

Use the clinic’s scheduling calendar to get a comprehensive overview and visibility of the clinic. Track and manage invoices, tasks, therapist availability, and staff workflows. It can also be used to access waiting lists, impending appointments, and check-in reminders. Clinicians can manage patients, claims, and billing processes. They can also track individual or group appointment scheduling and administration.  

Client Documentation 

Find, filter, and export clinical data quickly. To simplify charting, use common clinical words and shortcuts. It can be used for specialty mental health templates and automated forms. Documents should include photos, multimedia information, and spoken or handwritten notes. 

Billing and Payment 

You can process prepayments and deposits. You can also send e-statements for copayments and balances and save credit card information for easy payment. Payment packages for many sessions are available. 

What is the Cost of the JANE App? 

Here are the pricing options provided by JANE: 

  • Base Plan: Costs $79/per month per user. Includes features like invoicing, receipts, accessible data import, reporting tools, and more. 
  • Insurance Plan: Costs $109/per month per user. It offers various tools like unlimited emails, online appointments, telehealth, credit card support, and more.  
  • Corporate Plan: $399/per month per user. This pricing tier offers a platform for up to 10 licenses. It also includes insurance invoicing, payment tracking, insurance card photo upload in the intake form, and more.  

Where Can I Watch a JANE Clinic Software Demo? 

Are you interested in learning more about the JANE Chiropractic Software? You can do that by watching a JANE demo. In fact, the demo gives you a chance to ask any questions about JANE as well. Contact the JANE customer rep to schedule a demo for your staff.  

Do Users Like JANE? 

The JANE App has a rating of 4.8/5 on GetApp and 5/5 on SoftwareAdvice.  

Here is what makes JANE a one-hit-wonder among users: 

JANE “streamlines daily tasks” and “updates frequently.” 

Some users believe that JANE is a “modern-day solution for 21st-century practices.” 

It would be a huge improvement if JANE integrated macros.  

A Wrap-Up… ChiroTouch vs JANE 

ChiroTouch serves over 21,000 practitioners in the United States. It offers native mobile apps for payment processing and patient information management. It also offers appointment scheduling, form completion, and tracking of the check-in processes. 

Jane is a practice management system that assists health and wellness clinics. You can use it to streamline operations such as appointment scheduling, invoices, charting, and more. It enables patients to examine and select services, therapies, and practitioners. Patients can prioritize their own requirements to choose suitable practitioners. 

Given such strong profiles, it can be tough to choose between ChiroTouch vs JANE. However, you can weigh their pros and cons based on their features and costs to make a suitable choice.  

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