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Freelance jobs from home

Companies from a range of industries hire people for home-based freelance jobs from home. On a project-by-project basis, they gain from their expertise, and freelancers can profit from adaptable work schedules and competitive pay rates. Many businesses in India’s major service sectors were forced to fire a large number of employees or seriously reduce their income as the coronavirus deeply affected our nation.

By becoming knowledgeable about the various types of freelance jobs from home in various career fields, you can examine your options and select the best one for you. To climb the ladder and reach the top of the hierarchy, you must be an accomplished professional in your field. Getting a raise or a promotion is exciting, but please remember that this does not occur every week. The best freelance jobs that you can perform from home or any other location will be discussed in this article, along with details on pay and duties.

List of some freelance jobs from home


Knowing your mother tongue or a third language can now be extremely beneficial. If you are fluent in Hindi, English, Spanish, German, Tamil, Telugu, or another language, you can use your language skills on these freelance websites. You can start right away by going to Fiverr or Upwork. These legitimate work at home opportunities as well as free registration can help you pay your bills and rent. You will be approached by both Indian and Western businesses, as well as authors.


Tutors assist students in revising academic topics learned in school or college, in either person or online. They have a thorough understanding of the subjects they teach and can explain complex concepts to students. They conduct research on various learning resources and create lessons for students that are standard-appropriate. Tutors are also kept informed of what students are learning at their respective academic institutions. They use a variety of teaching methods, techniques, and activities to help students learn and assess their progress in their lessons.


For many writers, freelance blogging can be a lucrative career option and is one of the best freelance jobs from home. It may give them the ability to set their own working conditions and pay scale. If you are interested in this career, learning how to become a freelance blogger can help you better prepare for it. In this article, we will discuss what a freelance blogger is, how to become one, their salary and skills, as well as some useful tips on writing better blogs.

A freelance blogger is someone who writes blog posts for other people. They may write about a specific topic or niche provided by the client, or they may be free to create topics in a specific area. Freelance bloggers typically work from a private location, such as their homes, rather than an office. Clients may come from a variety of fields, including technology, marketing, media, cooking, and finance, to name a few.

Social Media Manager

Social media management is a rapidly expanding field in which you will be in charge of small, medium, and large businesses’ social media accounts. Celebrities and public figures, too, require social media managers. This is one of your best options if you’re curious to know how to work from home in India. You may be questioning why, if social media management is so simple, no one does it. Companies and celebrities do not have the resources or time to manage their social media accounts and must rely on others to do so. It is your duty to do so on their behalf.

Web Developers

Web developers use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other programming languages and tools to plan, design, build, maintain, and update websites as well as software applications. They create the layout of the website as well as its technical features, performance, content capacity, or traffic capacity. They may backup files to local directories, identify problems based on customer feedback, and validate code compatibility with industry standards, devices, operating systems, but also browsers. Web designers who also work in front-end and back-end development are known as full-stack developers.


The role of a videographer is relatively simple, but with so many talented creatives out there (all with different skill sets and specialisations), it can be difficult to wrap your head around such a broad and varied role. No need to worry- we keep things simple in this role breakdown but provide all the information you’ll need when booking a freelance videographer for your next project.

A freelance videographer, in essence, captures video content for various brands and clients on an ongoing or project-by-project basis. They record footage ranging from a long-form documentary to a short music video or TV commercial, either alone or as part of a small team.

About FlexC

FlexC was founded with the intention of showcasing top Indian talent to global markets. FlexC is committed to bringing together founders, executives, passionate leaders, and verified experts in a vibrant setting. The strength of our platform and the outstanding AI technology that distinguishes us are reflections of our commitment to excellence. We strive to be the best platform for hiring and managing hybrid workforces, in addition to providing the best freelance jobs from home in India.

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