How to Choose the Perfect Lobby Sign in Chicago, IL

Lobby Sign

“First impressions”, “great impressions”, “grow brand awareness” – let’s be honest, all you want is a lobby sign that makes your business shine and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

In this article, we’ll give you some helpful tips and tricks for buying an attractive sign for your lobby.

Know How Much You Want to Spend

This is the starting point for most people. Having an estimate of how much you want to spend really helps narrow down choices and focus your mind on value. If you don’t know much signs cost or how much you should be spending on lobby signs for business, speak to your signage company.

Also, be upfront about your budget; if your signage partner knows how much you want to spend, they’ll be able to advise on options that best suit your budget, rather than suggesting signs that cost too much or too little.

Get a Style You Like

There are dozens of styles to choose from for lobby signs near you, including channel letters, metal letters, LED neon, acrylic lobby signs, and the list goes on. See samples of each before you decide on which one to get. It can be tempting to go with a simple design, but you’ll be surprised at how affordable some of the snazzier ones can be.

Don’t Settle for a Standard Design

Building brand awareness, driving sales, improving the visitor experience, etcetera…you’ve heard it all before, but that’s exactly what your sign is going to be doing. It’s also going to be in your lobby for a good few years, so it’s essential you get a lobby sign that you will be happy to see every day.

Instagram, Pinterest, peer research, and your own creativity are great places to start. However, if you are struggling to come up with designs, talk to your local sign company in Chicago, . We have an in-house design team that consistently prepares stunning branded designs for our customers.

Choose Materials Wisely

The material you choose makes a big difference to the appearance of the sign and the impact it has on the ambiance. For instance, signs made of metal convey professionalism and permanence, while acrylic lobby signs are ideal for more contemporary office spaces.

Your choice of material will affect cost, too; stainless steel prices, for example, have been through the roof in the last few months, and you can save a pretty penny by choosing an HDU sign that will look about the same but cost a fraction as much.

Illumination–To See or Not to See?

Consider if your sign should be lighted or not. Lighting is a great option to have because it can make the sign a lot more impactful and complement the decor. That said, if yours is a well-lit space, it may not add a lot of value.

We generally advise customers to get a lighted sign because it has a relatively minor impact on cost and can really raise the visual impact the sign has.

Find the Right Lobby Sign for Your Business in in Chicago, IL

At Igna Signs & Graphics, we help customers find the ideal lobby signs for their establishment and maximize value. Book a free consultation with a signage professional to discuss lobby signs near you.

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