The Power of Perseverance: Nicollette’s Accomplishments in Bodybuilding and Beyond

Nicollette’s Accomplishments

The power of perseverance and our efforts to achieve our dreams can be truly remarkable. There’s something incredibly satisfying about setting a goal, working tirelessly, and finally achieving it. Whether it’s about getting a dream job, starting your own business, or reaching a personal milestone, the feeling of pride and accomplishment that comes with success is truly unmatched. Nicollette Burns is a shining example of perseverance and unwavering efforts.

Growing Up Strong With a Passion for Bodybuilding

From an early age, Nicollette Burns knew that her passion lay in bodybuilding. Growing up in Croatia, she was constantly inspired by her brothers’ weightlifting routines and found herself drawn to the discipline and intensity of the sport. Over the years, Nicollette’s love for bodybuilding only grew stronger. She moved to the United States and began competing in shows across the globe. Her hard work and dedication paid off when she became an IFBB Pro in the highly competitive Wellness Division. For Nicollette, bodybuilding isn’t just a hobby; it’s a way of life, the discipline, the drive, and the commitment that keeps her going every day as she continues to chase her dreams on her terms.

Nicollette’s Incredible First Pro Show Experience

The Texas State Pro was Nicollette’s first Pro show in 2021, an unforgettable experience that would stay with her forever. She was struck with many emotions at once, fear, excitement, nervousness, and amazement, as she would be sharing the same stage with her idol Yarishna Ayala. Although it was challenging to maintain focus and determination in the presence of the Pros,  Backstage, her husband, gave her a pep talk, always remaining his biggest support, and found a way to inspire her. Despite placing 11th, Nicollette emerged from the experience with a profound sense of gratitude for her supportive family and the incredible journey that brought her to that moment.

Behind the Scenes of the Achievements

“Everything changes when you are a Pro. The whole competition experience is tailored around you.  You know you made it when they call you by your name and not a number.” 

  • Nicollette Burns 

This statement from Nicollette Burns is something beyond words. It is a powerful moment that Nicollette has felt and will cherish forever. Nicollette Burns is truly an inspiration for others and takes great pride in her journey toward success as she has achieved all the milestones she has set for herself and accomplished her dreams. But what often goes unnoticed is the hard work and dedication that goes into making these dreams a reality. It’s the daily efforts, the sacrifices, and the belief in oneself that ultimately lead to these incredible achievements. 

Despite the constant temptations of cheat meals and fun, she remained steadfast in her commitment to her goals, trusting the process and never losing sight of her vision. The path was far from easy, and the training and meal-prepping lifestyle required immense effort and resilience. But through persistence and perseverance, Nicollette built the habits and routines that ultimately paved the way for her success. 

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