Savor the Flavor of the Philippines: The Perfect Recipe for Chicken Inasal


Chicken inasal is one of the authentic dishes you will find in traditional eating places. When you combine the recipe with the hot sauces, you will love their combination. Let’s see how to make the recipe in a perfect style.

The Chicken Inasal– a traditional Philippines food

Many people are chicken lovers, and there is no doubt about it. People love to try the different varieties in it to enhance their taste buds. You must know about the Bacolod chicken if you are one of those. It is one of the most popular kinds of chicken cooked in the Philippines. Nowadays, it is widespread to have similar tastes in restaurants worldwide. The dish populates every street or every corner in Bacolod city.

What would contribute to the specialty of the dish? Other ingredients might make the dish taste authentic; however, hot sauce is a special flavoring agent for this dish. It is one of the unique ingredients that help in flavoring the dish. Similarly, it develops the element of juiciness in the chicken. Let’s discover the recipe for the hot sauce first. Many brands offer these sauces; however, dingolay hot sauce is one of the best. 

The exciting discovery of the hot sauces

It is a spicy condiment that you will find readily in the market. What do you expect if you can visit the spices section in the grocery store? You will be surprised and confused to see such a massive variety of sauces. Sometimes it becomes a challenge to select your favorite one out of those.

Looking back to history will take you to when people only had simple food. Their simplicity encouraged them to consume the boiled and steamed plants. After a while, they discovered the pepper plants. Therefore, they harvested and then consumed peppers. Aztecs were the first to discover peppers. Soon, the Mexicans became fans of spicy food.

They added these to a variety of dishes they cooked. Even nowadays, if you explore Mexican food, you will find it extra spicy than other cuisines. That’s because they are fond of hot and spicy food.

The introduction to the peppers was a fantastic thing. However, it did not completely satisfy their craving for spiciness. It encouraged them to try something unique through experimental discovery. They added peppers to the mixture of vinegar and water. The mixture had a delicious taste that you could pair with various dishes.

The dingolay hot sauce brand has a fantastic collection of hot sauces. You will love to try them.

How to make Chicken Inasal?

The recipe of the dish is very simple yet worth in taste. To prepare this recipe, you will require a few ingredients only. Similarly, the technique to cook the dish involves the marination of the chicken. You will also require ginger garlic paste, lemon juice, and coconut vinegar.

Try to add a few drops of hot sauce. You can further add more ingredients for marination if you like. After this step, put the marinated chicken on skewers and place it for grilling. Take them off the grilling pan once the chicken becomes tender. Also, keep in mind not to burn the chicken or harden it. Otherwise, it will make the food taste awful.

Adding Dingolay hot sauce will provide tanginess and spiciness to the dishes. You will get two options for the hot sauce. One is to add in the marination, and the other is to use it for topping the chicken.

Here are some interesting facts to notice about the hot sauces

While sitting in the restaurant waiting for your best chicken inasal to get prepared,you will find a group of hot sauces on the table. The variety of these sauces always encourages you to pick your favorite ones. Every sauce comes with a variety due to the pepper added to them.

The best hot sauce includes Jamaican scotch bonnet peppers. It makes it taste sweet and tangy. Also, you feel it delivers a unique and flavorsome when you drizzle it over the barbequed chicken. It develops the flavors you are missing in the plain chicken Bacolod recipe. So, when you crave this Bacolod chicken, top it with hot sauce and enjoy the flavorings.

The takeaway

Chicken Inasal is a healthy dish that is popular in worldwide cuisines. Mixing the food with hot sauces is a fantastic combination you crave. So, try this combination of food and satisfy your taste buds.

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